43 Incredible Gifts for Aunts That Won't Wind Up in the Trash

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If there’s one family member who doesn’t get enough credit, it has to be our aunt. A little older, a little wiser, she’s got enough life experience to steer you in the right direction, yet she’s still cool enough to throw caution to the wind when you need someone to tell you to just buy the dang boots already. She’s had your back for all these years, and now at holiday time, the chance has come for you to show your appreciation with one of the best gifts for aunts around. But which one to choose?

What is the best gift for aunts?

Like most good presents, the best gift for aunts will depend on the relative it’s being purchased for. Your aunt Shelly, who loves cats, for instance, may be far more delighted by this regal custom pet portrait than the mini Theragun your fitness fanatic aunt Mary will go crazy for. The picks below have all been either tested by our own in-house experts to ensure she’ll adore them or thoroughly researched and vetted to cater to just about any personality type. Not close enough to guess her heart’s desires? There are plenty of generally awesome presents here for those aunts, too. Keep reading to find 43 of the most perfect offerings on the market.

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1. Aurate Travel Pouch

For the bling lover

She treasures her shiny baubles, and wants to keep them organized, and above all, near her when she travels. This vegan leather folding pouch has a ring holder, chain holders and bracelet straps to keep it all in order, and is slender enough to tuck into a purse.

Buy it ($100)

2. Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

Best for the super stressed

The sleekest oil diffuser we’ve ever laid eyes upon will be a welcome addition to your aunt’s home. It’s got a minimalistic porcelain cover that will fit right in with just about any décor, and it can easily fill a 500-square-foot room with the essential oil blend of your choosing. Simply fill the water reservoir canister with ten to 20 drops, top it off to its fill line with water and allow its ultrasonic vibrations to diffuse the fragrance for up to seven hours straight.

Buy It ($119)

3. Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set

Best for insomniacs

When 100 percent silk meets comfy styling (an oversized tee top, a non-bunching waistband), then your giftee is going to welcome the sleepwear equivalent of melatonin. (And in nine jewel tones plus neutrals, you can pick out the exact right hue to flatter your auntie's coloring.)

Buy It ($198; $147)

Available in sizes XS to 2X

4. Madewell The Foldover Transport Tote

Best for the fashionista

One can never have too many purses—especially when it comes to totes. This Madewell foldover Transport tote is one she’ll be delighted to add to her collection thanks to its gorgeous leather finish, which has been sourced from a tannery with a gold sustainability rating from the Leather Working Group. Since it can be worn three different ways (over your shoulder, folded over or with a carrying handle), it’s really like three gifts in one. Did we mention it’s also less than $200?

Buy It ($188)

5. Vegamour Gro More Kit

Best for the hair-obsessed

This set includes a vitamin-packed scalp serum and a candy-like gummy oral supplement that contains biotin, folic acid and other nutrients that are fan favorites for replenishing hair quality and growth.

Buy It ($80; $67)

6. Brooklinen Throw Blanket

Best for the homebody

Nowhere else she’d rather be than her couch? Then make it extra-cozy with this baby alpaca fringe throw blanket. This luxurious piece comes all the way from a 100-year-old family mill in Germany to swathe her in its warm fibers. While the size may vary slightly from blanket to blanket, it measures around 51 inches by 70 inches, making it just the right size for snuggling up with on the sofa or keeping her feet warm at the foot of her bed. No wonder it’s our favorite wool throw blanket!

Buy It ($269; $215)

7. Girlfriend Collective Midnight FLOAT Ultralight Legging

Best for exercise enthusiasts

Recycled plastic bottles are turned into an opague workout legging that is as useful for lounging or running around for errands as it is for her intense training sessions. And flattering? They're actually cute and come in over a dozen shades.

Buy It ($78)

Available in sizes XXS to 6XL

8. Giftagirl Aunt Frame

Best for the sentimentalist

They say there’s nothing better than a gift with heart, and this wood-like photo holder has plenty of it. In addition to the handmade string heart featured at the bottom left corner and the loving message that’s scrawled across the front of the frame, there’s room for a 6-inch by 4-inch photograph of the two of you for her to reminisce on. Your aunt will also be able to display it with ease, since it comes with an easel flap, clips and a string if she prefers to hang it from the wall. It also sits flat.

$25 at Amazon

9. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirit Gift Set

Best for teetotalers

Non-alcoholic distilled beverages are all the rage in mixology these days, and these botanicals are fan favorites. This set includes a fresh and floral garden mix and a citrusy-spicy blend that can be mixed with everything from tonic water to juice to make a refreshing mocktail.

Buy It ($46)

10. BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

Best for commuters

This innovative blender is cordless and rechargable, so you can layer fruit, protein powder, juice, nut milk and ice—and wait until just before you're ready to drink to blend it. That means auntie is going to have the freshest-tasing, coldest drink ever. In dozens of colors and patterns, these blenders are lightweight, sturdy and, in a first for blenders, fashionable.

Buy It ($100; $50)

11. Color Jungle Co. Best Aunt Ever Grocery Bag

Best for the gal on-the-go

Tell the world just how great she is with this handy grocery bag proclaiming her the “best aunt ever.” Made of 100 percent cotton, it’s both reusable and washable, helping to lessen her plastic bag use. Its handles are also reinforced at their stress points, ensuring she’ll never again have to watch her fruits and veggies go rolling down the street after a ripped bag mishap. Best of all? She’s sure to think of you each and every time she uses it.

Buy It ($11; $8)


Best for outdoor sports lovers

A sharp-looking visor is going to thrill anyone who enjoys their tennis, pickleball, golf or whatever sunny pursuit they're hooked on. (Prediction: Tory Burch's sharp neo-preppy style is going to be her new lucky hat.)

Buy It ($68; $49)

13. Simitri Floral Kitsch Headband

Best for trendy dressers

Does Auntie like to dress up for parties? Would you say she has a flair for fashion? Then she will delight in a multi-colored sequin headband that sits lightly on the head, with a soft velvet underside.

Buy It ($59)

14. The Sill Money Tree Plant

Best for the plant lover

If your aunt has a green thumb—or aspires to—The Sill's money tree is the ideal plant for her to nurture. Not only will it brighten up her abode with its cheery green leaves, it’s said to bring good luck, and, as the name would suggest, good fortune. It comes in a 5-inch ceramic planter and it’s even pet-friendly in case of any leaf-chewing incidents. As an added bonus, it’s relatively low-maintenance, requiring water only every one to two weeks.

Buy It (From $52)

15. SassyCups Best Aunt Ever Tumbler

Best for the coffee fanatic

There’s nothing worse than sipping a cold cup coffee that you expected to be piping hot or a warm one you wanted to enjoy chilled. Solve this age-old conundrum for your aunt with this darling “best aunt ever” tumbler, which will maintain her perfect temperature thanks to its vacuum insulation. Its 18/8 stainless-steel construction, meanwhile, will keep it free from rust and corrosion. If it’s iced coffee she’s into, she’s in luck there, too: This tumbler also comes with a matching reusable straw and a powder-coated exterior that’s designed to eliminate sweat. Add in the non-slip base, and we just might have found the perfect coffee receptacle.

$22 at Amazon

16. Winc Wine Subscription

Best for the wine aficionado

For a wine lover, there’s only one thing better than a great bottle of vino—lots of bottles of vino! With a Winc wine subscription gift card, your aunt can enjoy one, two or three months of the service, which will recommend reds, whites or a mix of the two for her based on her unique answers to questions about her palette. With this gift, she’ll get 60 credits for each month that can be used toward the direct-to-consumer winery’s offerings (one credit is equivalent to one dollar). She’ll certainly have plenty to choose from: There are more than 660 made from a whopping 78 different grape varietals.

Buy It (From $60)

17. Our Place Always Pan

For the home chef

There’s a reason the Always Pan has a cult following in the cooking community. This single cast-aluminum pan and its included accessories have been designed to replace eight (yes, eight!) different pieces of cookware in your aunt’s kitchen, including frying, sauce, sauté and nonstick pans, a steamer, skillet, a saucier and a spoon rest. It’s got a stay-cool handle, a modular lid to let steam escape as needed and easy-pour spouts. While it’s not oven-safe and we only recommend the steamer insert basket for lighter jobs (think frozen dumplings, heating leftovers), we were wowed by almost everything else this pan had to offer, from its truly ceramic coating that comes free of toxic materials to its handy Beechwood spatula and spoon rest. It’s also dishwasher safe, saving your favorite relative from any undue cleanup.

Buy It ($145; $99)

18. Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick

Best for the beauty guru

She’s got a skincare arsenal like you wouldn’t believe, yet she’s always looking to try the next big thing. Sound like your aunt? You’re in luck, because this one’s for her. We tested the much buzzed about Peace Out retinol eye stick out for ourselves and found that it was worth every penny of its near $30 price tag thanks to the mess-free and calming stick application. More importantly, however, we found that it actually made a difference when it came to our dark circles and dry under-eye skin, moisturizing and brightening all in one shot.

Buy It ($28)

19. Misfits Market Gift Card

Best for the conservationist

If you’re a Misfits Market member, you can share the wealth with your planet-saving aunt by giving her a gift card for as little as $10 (up to $250), which she can put toward her own Misfits Market membership. That means she can skip the line at the grocery store (hallelujah!) in favor of having perfectly “imperfect” produce (think ugly but edible) and pantry items from regional farms delivered straight to her door. More than the convenience factor and the savings it will bring (these goods are 25 to 40 percent less than grocery store items), this membership will enable her to do her part to reduce the roughly 108 billion pounds of food—that’s 40 percent of the food in the country!—that Feed America cites as being wasted each year.

After trying it for ourselves and giving the service perfect or near-perfect scores on everything but aesthetics (go figure), we’d have to say it’s a cause worth every penny.

Buy It (From $10)

20. Chatbooks Instagram Photo Book Series

Best for the social media maven

For the aunts who are constantly refreshing their feeds (we see you!), there couldn’t be a more perfect present than this Instagram photo book series courtesy of Chatbooks. With it, you can immortalize the prized feed she’s curated so carefully into a 60-page book with archival ink that’s designed to last for 100 years (!). You can choose from a hardcover or a soft one and there’s also two different print sizes to best suit your needs.

Buy It (From $10)

21. Classic Celebrations Personalized Mirrored Vanity Tray

Best for the product junkie

Is her bathroom sink overflowing with makeup, tinctures and potions galore? Help her keep it organized in a gorgeous way with this personalized mirror vanity tray. With its mirrored surface and bronzed trim, this piece is elegant enough for even her most expensive creams. You can also personalize it with her full name, initial or monogram, making it all the more special.

Buy It ($50)

22. We Are Knitters Sleepy Blanket Knitter Kit

Best for the hobbyist

Sure, you could get her a ready-made blanket to cuddle up with this fall—or, you could play to her passions with a gift that will allow her to conquer a new hobby. The We Are Knitters sleepy blanket kit comes with all the fixings she'll need to make a gorgeous (and sustainable!) hot pink topper, including five yarn skeins of 100 percent wool, two handcrafted beechwood knitting needles, a sewing needle, a pattern and a label.

Buy It ($125)

23. Therabody Theragun Mini

Best for the weekend warrior

This smaller, quieter version of the massively popular Theragun is still a force to be reckoned with despite its diminutive size. While its percussive massage doesn’t pack quite as deep of a punch as its big brother (it has an amplitude of 12 of pressure versus the larger models’ 16, which means it won’t be as intense on your muscles), it has a perfect review from Therabody shoppers, who claim it “immediately loosens tight muscles” and reduces pain from soreness. One woman went so far as to say that it was “the best investment [she] could have made in the past 20 years.” It runs for up to 150 minutes (that’s more than two-and-a-half hours of massage time, for those of you doing the math), and, thanks to its minute size, your aunt will even be able to toss it in her gym bag to take on-the-go.

Buy It ($199; $174)

24. Brightland The Mini Essentials Set

Best for the foodie

Talk about a palate cleanser! This mini olive oil and vinegar set is so popular, it had already sold out three times as of May. That’s because it’s not only stacked with two of the brand’s best-selling olive oils, Awake (an herbaceous flavor with complex notes of grass and avocado) and Alive (a smooth, nutty essence laced with green tomato and green pear), you’ll also get two of Brightland’s most popular nutrient-dense vinegars. Made with heirloom California olives, these specialty oils are worth every bit of their high price tag, if not for their über-tasty flavor, for their 500+ polyphenol count, which signals that they’re jam-packed with antioxidants and healthy fats. (For context, the average grocery store olive oil ranges between 100 and 250.)

As for the vinegars, Parasol and Rapture, the former is a citrusy raw champagne style that’s double fermented with both grapes and oranges while the latter is a balsamic and does the same with grapes and Triple Crown blackberries.

Buy It ($70)

25. Olive and June The Winter Set

Best for the beauty challenged

The beauty of Olive & June nail polish? Your aunt doesn’t have to be a manicurist to enjoy it. These bottles of highly pigmented color lent themselves to the easiest nail-painting experience we’ve ever had, no doubt thanks to the smooth, creamy texture, the comfortable handle and the hyper-functional bristles. You don’t even have to rack your brain trying to decide which color she might like: This set comes with eight of the brand’s best-selling shades for winter, so she’s sure to find a favorite among them.

Buy It ($72)

26. The Bouqs Farmer’s Market Gift Trio

Best for the nature buff

Bring a little of the great outdoors into her home for three months straight with this curated farmer’s market gift trio from The Bouqs. These cut-to-order flowers will be delivered straight from the farm, giving them a longer shelf life than most—in fact, in our tests, they were still flourishing five days after their arrival. Instructions for exactly how to maintain the stems made them practically fool-proof, and the delivery our editor received wasn’t super fragrant, which meant they didn’t irritate her allergies.

Buy It (From $146; $124)

27. Atlas Tea Club 12-Month Subscription

Best for the tea devotee

For just under $200, you can make sure her cup runneth over all year long with a 12-month subscription to Atlas Tea Club. It’s a pretty incredible value when you consider that fact that she’ll get 40 or more cups of tea in each and every box—that’s nearly 500 cups over the course of a year! These are no ordinary teas, either. The company's unique, single-origin flavors come two to a box and are ethically sourced from all over the world. They come with flavor notes, steeping tips and postcards from their country of origin. With this purchase, your aunt will also get recyclable tea filters to help make her gift more sustainable.

Buy It ($240; $184)

28. Smythson Inspirations and Ideas Panama Notebook

Best for the scribe

She’ll always have a place for her big ideas thanks to this fancy crossgrain lambskin Notebook from British stationary company Smythson, which has a seal of approval from the Queen of England herself. Filled with 128 pages of lined, gilded-edge paper, this book is just the right size for tossing into her purse. You can also customize it for an extra charge with her name (up to 10 characters), and a wide range of motifs that include everything from her zodiac sign to her favorite animal.

Buy It (From $79)

29. Bold and Bright Custom Puzzle

Best for the thinker

Crosswords, Sudoku, trivia—your aunt is always working out some puzzle or another in her brain. This custom 252-piece option will be an extra-special treat, however, as the finished product features a special photo (perhaps of the two of you?) that you’ll select. You can personalize it with a name, short message and the year—you can even choose the background color. On top of that, everything arrives in a little keepsake box that she can store all of her other most cherished mementos in.

Buy It ($42)

30. Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara

Best for the purist

We all have that one aunt who takes pride in using only the most natural, most organic ingredients around. While it’s undoubtedly a noble cause, it can also make her somewhat difficult to shop for. This best-selling Limitless Lash clean mascara from Ilia is one that’s likely to pass her tests, however, thanks to its highly pigmented charcoal—a clean alternative to the Carbon Black used in many run-of-the-mill mascaras. While this one’s not entirely vegan due to a small amount of beeswax, it’s also cruelty-free, meaning the company doesn’t test its products or ingredients on animals. Make no mistake, though: This formula still packs a punch. It added tons of volume to our lashes while also lifting and elongating. The secret? The dual-sided brush that focuses one side on length and one on volume, which the company settled on only after trying 100 (!) different options.

Buy It ($28)

31. Dermstore 2021 Sun Care Kit

Best for the sun goddess

This nine-piece kit includes everything she’ll need to enjoy the sun safely—including a full-size version of the EltaMD UV clear broad-spectrum SPF that earned a 93/100 on our PureWow100 scale for its mineral formula, which makes it less likely to irritate your skin. In fact, it’s been recommended by dermatologists for those with acne-prone complexions. Add in its niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid, which aim to calm and hydrate, and you’ve got the best face sunscreen on the market.

That’s not all she’ll get with this kit, though: It also comes with a full-size Coola Liplux lip sunscreen with SPF 30 and sample sizes of Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protector lotion with SPF 50+ sunscreen, La Roche-Posay Anthelios ultra-light mineral sunscreen with SPF 50, Dermstore Daily Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 40, Supergoop! GlowScreen, La Roche-Posay Anthelios melt-in milk body and face sunscreen lotion broad spectrum with SPF 100, Oribe Power Drops color preservation booster with 2 percent vitamin C complex, and, last but not least, a clear bag to carry it all in.

Buy It ($50)

32. Sephora Favorites Deluxe Coffret Perfume Sampler Set

Best for the scent-obsessed

Finding a signature scent can be tough work—unless she’s got one of Sephora’s perfume sampler sets on hand, that is. This genius collection comes with six sample-sized perfumes (plus a mini Pat McGrath mascara) for her to try before buying from top brands, including Giorgio Armani, Versace, Chloé, Tocca, Nest, Clean and Atelier Cologne. The best part is that once she decides which one is right for her, she can take the included “scent certificate” into the store to be redeemed for a free full-size bottle.

Buy It ($75)

33. Victoria’s Secret Satin and Lace Robe

Best for the glamazon

For an aunt who appreciates the finer things in life, you can’t go wrong with this satin Victoria’s Secret robe. It’s got a relaxed fit that will keep her comfortable no matter how long she spends letting her hair dry and a lace trim that will make her feel like she stepped straight off a ‘60s movie set. Despite its delicate appearance, this starlet-ready piece is also machine washable—no dry cleaning required!

Buy It ($70; $36)

34. Tarot Cards Class and Deck

Best for the mystic

Tarot cards should always be given as a gift in order to provide “the best form of love and positive energy." This particular set, which features mythical imagery by indie comic book artist Trung Le Nguyen, will be one your aunt uses long after she receives it—especially since it comes with a 90-minute class that will teach her how. Led by Holly Buczek, a 20-year veteran in the art of tarot reading, your relative will be well-equipped to tap into her own intuition with this newfound tool.

Buy It ($50)

35. UGG Scuffette II Slippers

Best for the lounge enthusiast

There are slippers … and then there are the UGG Scuffette IIs. A favorite of more than one of our staffers, these cozy suede-and-shearling shoes are the real deal. With outdoor-ready soles and a water-resistant finish, they're just as easy to wear on a quick jaunt to grab the mail as they are to sprawl out on the couch. Thanks to their genuine shearling lining, they’re also snug enough to withstand the dregs of winter. Take it from our director of social strategy, Aly Owens, who called them “soft and cozy but also super supportive, long-lasting and far from flimsy.”

Buy It (From $90)

36. Blissy Dream Set

Best for the sleep-deprived

What if you we told you that you could give your aunt smoother hair, more moisturized skin and better shut-eye, too, all in one conveniently packaged gift? Yeah, we’d have once thought it sounded too good to be true, too. But that was before we were introduced to the joys of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. More specifically? A Blissy silk pillowcase. Not only did it help us tame our locks and retain moisture in our usually-dry T-zone, it lived up to its claims of keeping allergens at bay. With this set, she’ll get that same pillowcase, plus a 100 percent mulberry silk sleep mask and two ouch-less scrunchies.

Buy It ($120; $80)

37. Pudding Cabin Trinket Dish

Best for the accessory aficionado

She’ll think of you every time she puts her jewelry on in the morning and takes it off in the evening with this sweet Pudding Cabin jewelry holder. Made of a fine glazed ceramic, this dish is big enough to hold anything from a ring to a necklace. Its sweet, universal message also makes it a super versatile gift that’s sure to make any aunt melt upon sight.

$17 at Amazon

38. Itsy Ritzy Packing Cubes

Best for the jetsetter

For a world traveler like your aunt, a gift that will help her prepare for her next big voyage will be just what the doctor ordered. This three-piece packing cube set from baby brand Itsy Ritzy should do the trick—just ask the nearly 250 Walmart customers who are raving about them for everything from their purses and diaper bags to their luggage! They’ve got mesh-top panels, so she’ll never lose track of what’s inside, double zippers that will make them easy to open from any angle and a chic floral print that will brighten her day to behold.

Buy It ($38)


Best for the accident-prone

It doesn’t matter what she’s holding—if it’s in her hands, there’s bound to be a spill. Lucky for her, you got her this adult wine tumbler. This little beauty, which comes in three different colors, has double-walled insulation and an 18/8 stainless-steel interior to keep her Pinot Grigio cold and her cup rust-free. More importantly, however, it’s got a clear BPA-free lid, so she can drink to her heart’s content without worrying about staining that new blouse.

$17 at Amazon

40. Etchey Bamboo Paddle Board

Best for the kitchen dweller

If your aunt is the type to busy herself in the kitchen, this personalized bamboo cutting board will become an instant favorite. Like wood, bamboo grass is ultra-dense, which means its resistant to water (read: it won’t warp six months down the line). In fact, it’s even denser than most cutting board woods, making it difficult for bacteria to find a good hiding place. This sustainable pick is also relatively low-maintenance when cared for properly—bamboo should always be hand-washed.

Buy It ($25; $21)

41. The Birthdate Co Birthday Book

Best for the astrology guru

Can you aunt tell you everything there is to know about the Leo moon or if your current partner is compatible with your sign? The Birthdate Book is made for her—literally. These made-to-order pieces are completely customized with a map of the stars and planets at the exact moment your giftee made their way into the world. Her name and birthdate will be printed on the fabric cover, and there's a dedication page where you can tell her how much she means to you. Best of all, she'll receive 70 pages of horoscope interpretations and readings.

Buy It ($115; $81)

42. CanvasArchive Custom Pet Portrait

Best for the pet obsessed

If these hilarious custom pet portraits don’t make your animal-loving aunt smile, nothing will. All you need are two to three close-up photos of her beloved cat (Or dog. Or horse. Or gerbil) to have her precious pet reimagined as a royal, a rock star or a famous character (think Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker or the Girl with the Pearl Earring, to name a few). In addition to selecting your favorite size and style (digital, acrylic paint on stretch canvas or framed), you’ll have your pick of nearly 100 different themes.

Buy It (From $23)

43. FinalStraw Reusable Straw

Best for the environmentalist

We all want to do our part to save the environment, but let’s face it: Those paper straws leave something to be desired when they’re falling apart in your iced coffee. This Shark Tank-featured invention eliminates the mess with its easily collapsible design that’s small enough to fit in your aunt’s pocket or purse. She can also attach it to her keychain so she’ll always have it handy. It’s made of steel with food-grade silicone tips, so auntie can use it in her PSL just as easily as she can in her La Croix. It’s even dishwasher safe, though it also comes with a tiny cleaning tool to keep gunk from getting stuck inside, too.

$20 at Amazon

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