35% indoor dining resumes in NYC

Indoor dining in New York City expanded to 35% capacity Friday, a 10% increase since inside seating resumed on February 12.

Video Transcript

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Turning now to the coronavirus pandemic and new state guidelines on nursing home visits that go into effect today. The new policy is still leaving loved ones shut out, and many are unhappy with the decision. But we're also receiving good news in New York City on the vaccination front, with 24-hour sites now able to expand doses.

All of this comes as indoor dining capacity here in the city, it increases to 35% today. Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco is live in Sunset Park, breaking it all down for us. Diana.

DIANA ROCCO: And Candace, good morning. We're outside the Brooklyn Army Terminal. This is one of three 24-hour vaccination sites citywide that is now accepting appointments while the city's surplus lasts. Meanwhile, a big deal today, indoor dining moving to 35%, up from 25%, something restaurants have been asking the governor for after the rest of the state has been at 50%. And New Jersey is even at 35%.

Also, vaccination sites will be taking appointments around the clock here at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Citi Field, and Bathgate Industrial Park in the Bronx. The city has 189,000 doses of the vaccine available and they are trying to vaccinate as many people as possible.

BILL DE BLASIO: We're doubling the number of appointments that some of the key sites in communities where we're focusing on fighting disparity, at Teachers' Prep and at Martin Van Buren high schools. We're opening new pop-up sites in communities that need more outreach, and particularly for our seniors.

DIANA ROCCO: Also, some good news for those in nursing homes and their families. After nearly a year of isolation for some of these nursing home residents, they will finally be allowed to have visitors. However, like everything in this COVID world, it has come with strict guidelines and restrictions. The nursing home must be COVID free for two weeks, and there is only a limited number of visitors who will be allowed in. Also, all visitors must have negative COVID tests 72 hours before arriving.