Everyone Is Talking About The Cold, But These 35 Surreal Pictures Of The Blizzard In Buffalo Are Truly Terrifying

Just last month, some places in Buffalo received over 6 feet of snow (!!!!!).

Those pictures were truly surreal.

1.And now they're experiencing a blizzard that AccuWeather says could be the worst in the city's history.

2.Winds are over 70 miles per hour...

3....which makes it like a snow hurricane.

4.It's like a scene out of Day After Tomorrow.

5.People are opening their doors to find a literal wall of snow.

6.Cars are abandoned all over the place.

7.Windows are blocked by snow.

8.People are shoveling out their living rooms.

9.This person had to shovel out their hallway.

10.Houses are plastered in windblown snow.

11.They're literally caked in snow.

12.It's "mayhem."

13.They're calling this storm the "worst in the city's history."

14.This person has lived in the area for 40 years, and this one "takes the cake."

15.Not to mention, it feels like minus-30 degrees.

16.It's "life or death."

17.You literally can't see in front of you.

18.The snowdrifts are creating surreal scenes.

19.This person called it "snowdrift artwork."

20.I don't even understand what happened to this person's bushes, but it's wild.

21.I mean, just look at this 10-foot drift.

22.It's as tall as this man.

23.Windows are covered.

24.Doors are blocked.

25.And cars? Yeah, they're buried.

26.Trees are down.

27.This gas station toppled over.

28.This view out of a fire truck is just unreal.

29.And not to mention, people close to the lake are dealing with flooding.

30.And it's not over yet.

31.Still, through it all, Bills fans are taking it in stride.

32."Whoever sang 'Let It Snow' should buy a lottery ticket," this person said.

33.They might have won the fight, but they won't win the war.

34.Obligatory: "Go Bills!"

35.But really, this isn't a joke. It's quite literally "one of the worst events we've ever seen."