35 Things Literally Everyone Thought Were Completely Normal When They Were In High School That Seem Wild In 2022

In high school, nothing was more normal than...

1.Running a mile and IMMEDIATELY taking your musty self to math class:

2.Walking into lunch like you owned the joint:

3.Begging for permission for a bodily function:

4.The wild start time:

5.Watching some incredibly depressing movie and then immediately going to play badminton or something:

6.That one kid who always wore shorts, no matter the weather:

7.Theater kids being OUT OF CONTROL first thing in the morning:

8.Eating hamburgers and milk at 11:30 a.m....

9.Drinking milk with pizza and corn at 10:55 a.m...

10.Eating calzones at the crack of dawn...

11.Eating spicy fried chicken with milk...

12.And drinking milk with enchiladas:

13.The weird competition to say how sleep-deprived you were:

14.D.A.R.E. telling you everyone would be rolling at the Sweet 16s you were going to:

15.All those kids constantly making that one noise:

16.Those kids who would SCREAM every single time the lights dimmed:

17.Debating incredibly serious topics 20 minutes after you woke up:

18.Awful, awful football teams:

19.Fights breaking out juuuust as the sun was rising:

20.Lunch speed runs:

21.Thirty percent of the girls in the school having a knee brace at one point:

22.Dudes just straight-up moaning all the time:

23.The very random things used as passes:

A hall pass that's literally just a leaf

24.Review Jeopardy getting way out of control:

25.Straight up munchin' on cough drops like your life depended on it:

26.The intense allegiance to whatever foreign language you learned:

27.Spending weeks learning how to balance a checkbook:

28.Everyone wheeling around literal luggage in the hallways:

29.Learning how to dance in gym class:

30.That one girl who was way too into horses:

31.Fart seats:

32.People using a titanic amount of paper towels in the bathroom and just shoving them all over:

33.Every single book looking like this:

34.Having to write the fastest essay of your life:

35.And all the vomit:

Tweet reading, "Remember that phase of grade school when it was pretty common for kids to just randomly throw up in the middle of class"

Seriously. What was the deal with that?

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