People Are Sharing The Hilarious Difference Between High School Teachers And College Professors And It's HUGE

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1.College professors ask impossible questions:

2.They only use the finest of office supplies:

3.They make you take RUTHLESS tests:

4.They might give some lesson plans that are way above your head:

Twitter: @9mialee

5.College professors can be really hard to get to know:

6.They do not tolerate funny business:

7.And they have a game plan and stick to it:

tweet reading my english professor walked into class saw algebra on the board and yelled oh what the heck is this

8.They adhere to a very strict schedule:

9.College professors spend their entire time lecturing on the serious stuff:

10.Their pop quizzes strike fear into the hearts of all students:

11.College professors give out impossibly difficult homework:

12.College professors remember everything:

13.They take citations very seriously:

14.They never, ever cancel class:

15.College professors are deeply professional:

16.They keep to themselves:

17.And they aren't afraid to lay down the law:

professor airdrops an office meme to someone so they get off their phone

18.College professors have no patience for tardiness:

snapchat from a professor that says i'm late for class

19.They give impossible assigments:

20.They aren't going to baby students:

21.They have absolutely no room for failure:

22.Everything is serious to them:

professor's slide that asks what his rap name is

23.And they don't appreciate any funny business:

24.College professors rarely make mistakes:

professor emailing their students to say they had a trail mix attack

25.They never stray from the lesson plan:

26.They have no time for fun and games:

professor saying they are as the youths say straight up not having a good time right now

27.They are extremely formal in emails:

28.Even their emails are enough to strike terror into hearts:

professor saying what is orange and sounds like a parrot carrot

29.College professors only give out bad news:

30.They definitely don't quote the writings and teachings of Wario:

31.They have strict rules:

<div><p>"Pet Policy: If a pet enters the camera frame during class, we will pause our discussion for an introduction to that pet and admiration by all."</p></div><span><a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Twitter: @shakechunni" class="link ">Twitter: @shakechunni</a></span>

"Pet Policy: If a pet enters the camera frame during class, we will pause our discussion for an introduction to that pet and admiration by all."

Twitter: @shakechunni

32.They take tests very seriously:

33.And they do not mess around:

34.College professors run a tight ship:

35.In conclusion:

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