36 New Coronavirus Cases, 2 Deaths As DC's Phase 2 Begins Monday

Emily Leayman

WASHINGTON, DC — The D.C. Department of Health reported 36 new positive coronavirus cases and two new deaths Sunday before phase two of reopening is set to begin. The new cumulative totals for the District of Columbia are 10,020 coronavirus cases and 533 deaths.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said Friday the District will enter phase two of reopening on Monday, lifting a number of restrictions for residents and businesses. According to D.C. Health, the District reached 14 days of sustained decrease of community spread, one of the reopening metrics, on Thursday.

In addition, the positive rate has been below 15 percent for over seven days and hospital bed utilization has been below 80 percent for 14 days. The District has not fully achieved the ability to contact trace all new cases and close contacts, but there is progress on that front.

Key changes for phase two include the limit on mass gatherings increasing to 50 percent, indoor dining allowed at 50 percent capacity, up to 50 people allowed in nonessential businesses, and fitness facilities opening with a limit of five people per 1,000 square feet.

D.C. Health has provided a new breakdown of cases by ward. As of Sunday the totals are:

  • Ward 4: 2,108 cases
  • Ward 5: 1,513 cases
  • Ward 8: 1,480 cases
  • Ward 7: 1,436 cases
  • Ward 1: 1,431 cases
  • Ward 6: 865 cases
  • Ward 2: 556 cases
  • Ward 3: 466 cases
  • Unknown: 165 cases

The two new coronavirus patients who died were a 62-year-old man and 72-year-old woman. Across the District, the 80 and up age group accounts for 35 percent of coronavirus deaths, followed by the 70 to 79 age group with 25 percent, 60 to 69 with 23 percent and 50 to 59 with 12 percent.

As of June 19, there were 37 ventilators in use by COVID-19 patients and 210 in use by all hospital patients. The District has 76 intensive care unit (ICU) beds available out of 345 total. Of the 269 ICU patients in District hospitals, 61 are COVID-19 patients.

Preliminary numbers show 79,522 people have been tested, including 62,087 DC residents. A total of 1,172 recoveries have been reported.


This article originally appeared on the Washington DC Patch