38 years after 'The Breakfast Club,' Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy reunite in 'Single Drunk Female'

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"The Breakfast Club" icons Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy are back on screen together, reuniting for an episode of "Single Drunk Female."

In 1985, Ringwald and Sheedy made the roles Claire Standish and Allison Reynolds famous in John Hughes’ high school classic “The Breakfast Club.”

38 years later, Sheedy co-stars in the series as Carol Fink, an overbearing mother to Samantha Fink, a millennial who moves home after rehab to maintain sobriety and change her life around.

On the seventh episode of Season Two, out May 3, Ringwald makes a guest appearance as Carol Fink's sister-in-law, Aunt Alice, who might be the only person who can help the guarded and grieving mother open up.

An exclusive clip shared with TODAY spotlights the reunion scene. Carol wakes up her daughter and prompting her to get out of bed, saying, "In less than two hours I'm going to have a house full of people, including your awful Aunt Alice, and everything needs to go smoothly."

"I like Aunt Alice," Samantha responds.

In subsequent interviews, the cast reflects on what it meant to share the screen with Sheedy's former "The Breakfast Club" co-star.

"We're really lucky we got Molly Ringwald for an episode," says Sofia Black-D'Elia, who plays Samantha. "It was such a joy to see her and Ally reunite and to work with both of them."


The reunion takes place in a flashback sequence at Samantha's dad's shiva. In the video, Sheedy says the reunion began with a single text.

"I texted Molly and just said, 'Listen, you're going to be asked to be in the show and I don't want you to feel like you have to say yes because I'm in the show,'" Sheedy says, sitting next to Ringwald.

The 55-year-old says she responded with a quick answer in the affirmative. "I was like, 'Oh course I'm going to say yes!'"

"Single Drunk Female" director John Riggi recalls watching the scene where Sheedy has to greet Ringwald's character at the door, calling it a "great moment."

During the exchange, Alice gives Carol a hug and says, "I thought I was prepared for this, but I'm not," getting emotional.

"Carol's character is so armored and doesn't let anyone in," Riggi says. "Is there someone in Carol's life who we haven't met who somehow gets to her, or gets into her, or allows us to see another side of Carol?"

In another clip, Alice candidly tells Carol that life got "complicated" after she got pregnant, which seems to upset her. Then Alice attempts to take over some hosting duties, like getting more chairs for guests.

In the video, the 60-year-old opens up about working with longtime friend Ringwald, saying that the two have "such a level of trust" when acting together.

"I just feel like whatever Molly's going to do, I'm just going to be able to follow and go with it because there's just that unspoken kind of language that we have," Sheedy says.

Ringwald agrees, adding that seeing Sheedy's "face and energy and everything is so familiar." She likens the experience to seeing a sister.

"Yeah, it feels like home," Sheedy responds.

The two actors joke that they have been approached by people who mix up their identities for one another.

"People often call me Ally or ask me if I'm Ally Sheedy," Ringwald says. "And they probably ask you if you're Molly?"

Sheedy says she doesn't often get confused for Ringwald, but says that she'll be asked, "What's Molly really like?" after which the two burst out laughing.

"It was really beautiful to see these two women that love each other still so much after all this time," Black-D’Elia says.

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