3D Artist Walks CGI 'Labra-Tortoise' in Cape Town

A South African visual-effects artist created the illusion of a man walking a tortoise through a Cape Town neighborhood using the open-source computer graphics software Blender, as seen in a video shared to Facebook on May 30.

Speaking to Storyful, Andre Janse van Vuuren, who works in the visual-effects industry, said he fabricated both the tortoise and the hand. The background was real video footage filmed in the Gardens neighborhood in Cape Town.

“On the side, I like to practice my skill and make silly yet believable animations,” Van Vuuren said. He told Storyful that the tortoise, named Lilith, was designed to move like a dog.

Van Vuuren said he taught himself CGI at the age of 13. Credit: Andre Janse van Vuuren via Storyful