3D street artist celebrates Community Day at Berlin Farmers Market

Alysia Mackenzie marked the first day of spring at this famous farmers market with artwork that leaped off the canvas.

Video Transcript

ALYSIA MACKENZIE: Close one eye, then it'll trick your brain into thinking that it's 3D.

- Oh my gosh, that's so bizarre.

ALYSIA MACKENZIE: [INAUDIBLE] depth perception. I have been up since 2 o'clock this morning. I had pitched the idea of a 3D chalk art just because it brings a lot of attention. People composing it, they take pictures. It's just a fun and exciting thing that you don't often see.

- Look at that.

ALYSIA MACKENZIE: The most important thing was to get more exposure for the Berlin Farmer's Market.


JENNA SULLIVAN: The Berlin Farmer's Market has been here since the 1940s. The Mart, the Auction, there's quite a few names for it.

CYNTHIA JONES: I've been selling out in the market for the last 25 years. You know, it's really nice out there because you get to talk to the people, and then they come back to you. And then sometimes you say a little prayer with them, and I like that.

ROB GIBSON: I come when I can. It's a relaxing setting, nice people, very good people. And then, plus, you get a good workout, you know?

JENNA SULLIVAN: Today is the first day of spring, so we thought it'd be a good day to bring the community together. All of our local emergency services, like the police and fire department here with us. And then many people out in the flea markets that just sell here, week in and week out and try to just look at 2021 as being a better year than 2020. You did great. Thank you.

ALYSIA MACKENZIE: Yeah, thank you for having me.

JENNA SULLIVAN: Of course, of course.

ALYSIA MACKENZIE: Well, I mean, the best part of it is that you can actually pose in and take pictures of yourselves and your loved ones and look back on [INAUDIBLE] and remember that day. You look so cute. It's a small, tight-knit community. Everybody kind of knows everybody. I think our aim's just to kind of get out and be human again.