3rd Person May Be Involved In Murder Of 21-Year-Old Dianna Brice, Source Says

Alecia Reid reports.

Video Transcript

- We are learning more about the timeline of events leading up to the death of Dianna Brice. Her body was found in a wooded lot in Southwest Philadelphia nearly a week after she disappeared. Alecia Reid is in upper Darby with the very latest on where the investigation stands right now. Alecia, good evening.

ALECIA REID: Good evening, Yuki. The investigation into how a pregnant, missing woman turned up dead is heating up. Detectives are following every lead in hopes one of those leads will help them close in on Dianna Brice's killer.

Gathering bags of evidence, Philadelphia crime scene investigators spent a significant amount of time at upper Darby PD, Tuesday. Another step in their now homicide investigation. They're officially looking at two vehicles, Justin Smith's torched 2018 black Ford Fusion, and now, this rental car that investigators believe may have been involved in dumping Dianna Brice's body.

Sources close to the investigation tell us the 21-year-old pregnant mother was shot multiple times. A sequence of events preceded Brice's body being discovered early yesterday morning. Last Tuesday, around 11: 30 AM, Dianna's boyfriend Justin picked her up from K Laundry in Landsdown. Moments before, her mother noticed she was visibly upset, but wouldn't say why.

By 1:30 PM, the victim's mom calls to say the laundry was done and that it was time to head home. Dianna tells her mom, she never made it to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription, but would meet her at home. That was the last time Dianna was in contact with anyone.

Frantic to get in touch, mom Betty Cellini calls Dianna's boyfriend Justin. He claims they got into an argument, and Dianna left. A threat to file a police report angers Justin. His phone then goes unanswered. By 5:30 PM, Justin's car is spotted abandoned and on fire at 59th and Florence in Southwest Philadelphia, a little over a mile from where Deanna's body was found a week later.

TIMOTHY BERNHARDT: It's just tragic. It speaks to the senseless violence that occurs every day out there, and here is a mother of a four-year-old child and was expecting her second child. She was four months pregnant, and that child will never see his mother again. And the family won't see their daughter again. It's a tragedy.

ALECIA REID: 23-year-old Justin Smith remains a person of interest. Now, a source tells us there may be a third person involved in this case. Meanwhile, Dianna's family has started a GoFundMe to help with the funeral expenses, as well as her son AJ's college fund. Reporting live from upper Darby, Alecia Reid, CBS 3, Eyewitness News.

- All right, Alecia, thank you.