3rd Swastika Drawing Found At Mt. Lebanon School District

The Mt. Lebanon School District says another drawing of a swastika was found inside a bathroom stall. KDKA's Paul Martino has more.

Video Transcript

- A drawing of a swastika was found inside a school in Mount Lebanon. It is now the third time during the school year that the Nazi image has been found inside the district. Paul Martino has more on this story.

PAUL MARTINO: The anti-Semitic symbol was found in a bathroom stall here at Lincoln Elementary. Mount Lebanon Police and the school district are investigating, but they say it's not about punishing whoever did this. Police in the district tell us, they want to use this as a teaching experience. In a statement, the district denounces the hateful symbol, saying it hurts our Jewish community and everyone in the school community.

The district is working with a local rabbi and the Anti-Defamation League and takes part in a No Place for Hate campaign. Two months ago, drawings of swastikas were found in bathroom stalls at Jefferson Middle School. School officials declined to talk to us on camera. In Mount Lebanon, Paul Martino, KDKA News.