4 arrested in ugly Arrowhead Stadium brawl. Have Chiefs learned nothing from 2013?

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Fists flew at Sunday’s Chiefs game in Kansas City. And the organization is lucky someone wasn’t killed. A man was beaten until he lost consciousness. He also had his jaw fractured, and was hit and kicked by another fan while he lay unconscious across a row of seats.

Videos circulating online show parts of an all-out brawl at Arrowhead Stadium. Four people were arrested in connection with the incident. One more is wanted, and many others were involved.

Eric Lamont Evans, 47, of Raytown, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He was placed on a 24-hour hold and released the next day, according to Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forte.

Authorities also charged 18-year-old Kobe Lamont Evans of Kansas City with disorderly conduct, assault and providing false information to law enforcement officials. Evans initially gave investigators a fake name, Forte said. He was released the next day, too.

A New Century, Kansas, man is under investigation for disorderly conduct. He was arrested Sunday but no charges were filed. He also spent a day in jail.

A fan from Lamar was transported to hospital with a broken jaw, Forte said.

A woman who left the scene before she could be arrested is being charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

We’re still awaiting word on what the Chiefs plan to do with the unruly bunch. Based on what is seen on video circulating online, everyone involved should be banned from Arrowhead Stadium for the foreseeable future.

The team may also want to add more staff and security. An usher shown in one video is surrounded by fans in Chiefs jerseys. He tries to keep the peace but can’t. No security is in sight in the short clips I watched. Asked what steps the organization has taken to address the ugliness witnessed during Sunday’s game, the Chiefs punted, instead deferring to their code of conduct policy for fans.

Those that run afoul of the policy are subject to a ticket suspension, which is a pretty tame deterrent that didn’t seem to concern the participants in the recent fight.

Fan in Mahomes jersey throws punches in video

In one clip, a man in white Patrick Mahomes jersey and sunglasses decks another man in a red Chiefs jersey. Others trade blows. Meanwhile, our Mahomes-loving fan is shown just a few seconds later putting hands on a bearded man in a red shirt. The hapless chap is pummeled until he is stretched out motionless across bleachers. He was then struck and kicked by someone who was being restrained by another spectator.

“Are you OK, sir?” someone can be heard saying on video. The man in the red shirt didn’t respond. He appeared to have been knocked out cold by the man in the Mahomes jersey.

The bearded man was no innocent victim, according to law enforcement officials. He was the aggressor and instigated the ordeal, witnesses told authorities, according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

“He came looking for a fight,” Forte said of the man who appeared to take the brunt of the beating. “He found it.”

The brawl follows a dangerous pattern playing out across pro sport stadiums across the country. The Chiefs organization is no stranger to the consequences of failing to prevent unruly fan behavior.

A fight in the parking lot of Arrowhead in 2013 led to the death of Chiefs fan Kyle Van Winkle, who was slugged to the ground by Joshua T. Bradley. Van Winkle, 30, was struck again by Bradley as he lay on the pavement. Van Winkle died of blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Bradley was charged with involuntary manslaughter in 2014 and two years later, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Bradley was sentenced by Jackson County Judge Kevin D. Harrell to seven years in prison, but Harrell suspended the sentence and placed Bradley on probation for five years.

Van Winkle’s widow, Jenni Van Winkle, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Chiefs. Among her claims was a lack of adequate security. The organization and Jenni Van Winkle reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount.

After what happened last Sunday and the organization’s tepid public response since, I have to wonder if the Chiefs have learned anything from Van Winkle’s unfortunate death. Some fans certainly haven’t.

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