4 Chicago restaurants, 2 businesses cited for violating coronavirus guidelines over Christmas weekend

Adam Lukach, Chicago Tribune

Over Christmas weekend, several Chicago businesses were cited by the Department of Business and Consumer Protection for violating COVID-19 safety guidelines, including allowing indoor dining and hosting private events that exceeded allowed capacities.

The restaurants that were cited for allowing indoor dining were Arcoiris, Canton Regio, Mama Delia & Bordel and New Celebrity Lounge. The two parties were both in the Austin neighborhood. A 57-person party was at Classy, while another 153-person party took place at an unnamed establishment.

The latter appeared to be a private party, and the city cited the renter of the space for violating capacity guidelines and not enforcing social distancing or face covering requirements related to COVID-19, the BACP said in an email. The city issued additional citations for unlicensed business activity and indoor smoking, and the Department of Buildings ordered the building close because of dangerous and hazardous conditions, city officials said.

The violations occurred from Dec. 24-27. The complete list with addresses:

Arcoiris (4007 W. Armitage Ave.) was cited for allowing indoor dining.

Classy (5336 W. North Ave.) was cited for hosting a 57-person party indoors.

Canton Regio (1510 W. 18th St.) was cited for allowing indoor dining.

Mama Delia & Bordel (1721 W. Division St.) was cited for allowing indoor dining.

New Celebrity Lounge (2020-2022 E. 83rd St.) was cited for allowing indoor dining.

Unnamed establishment (5427-29 W. North Ave.) was cited for holding an indoor event with 153 attendees.