4 civilians blast off for the International Space Station

Four private citizens took off Friday on a SpaceX rocket en route to the International Space Station. The Axiom Space mission is the first flight to the station with an all-civilian crew.

Video Transcript

- 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, ignition. Lift off. Go Falcon. Go Dragon. Godspeed, Axiom 1.


- Copy, one alpha.

- [INAUDIBLE] position down range.

- Together, a new chapter begins. Godspeed, Ax-1.

- Stage 1 propulsion is nominal.

- T plus 38 seconds into this historic mission flying crew onboard Dragon and Falcon 9.

- [INAUDIBLE] telemetry nominal. Stage 1 throttle down.

- Throttling down in the preparation for max dynamic pressure.

- Falcon 9 is supersonic. XQ stage 1 throttle up.