4 ‘executed’ at an Oklahoma marijuana farm, cops say. Suspect arrested in Miami Beach

The suspect in what one Oklahoma agency called an “execution” of four people at a marijuana farm was arrested in Miami Beach on Tuesday.

An Alton Road license plate reader spotted the car of Chen Wu aka Wu Chen, Miami Beach police say, and detectives arrested Wu at 276 73rd St. around 4 p.m. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says he’ll face charges of murder and shooting with intent to kill.

Chen Wu aka Wu Chen in handcuffs on a Miami Beach curb.
Chen Wu aka Wu Chen in handcuffs on a Miami Beach curb.

The curb on which the 45-year-old Wu sat is about 1,600 miles from 2372 N. 2760 Rd., west of Hennessey, Oklahoma, and in Kingfisher County where the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says there’s a marijuana grow operation. Online state records say Oklahoma has 8,847 licensed marijuana growers.

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Oklahoma investigators say that around 5:45 p.m. Sunday, a man entered one of the weed farm’s buildings where “several employees” were. When the man left, three men and one woman “were executed” and another person was wounded and flown to a the hospital. All of the people shot were Chinese nationals, OSBI said.

“The suspect was inside that building for a significant amount of time before the executions began,” the Oklahoma police agency said.

Kingfisher County Sheriff Dennis Banther told the Kingfisher Times & Free Press all were dead “from apparent gunshot wounds.

Chen Wu waived extradition Wednesday in Miami-Dade. He’ll be held in Miami-Dade jail until Oklahoma authorities come to South Florida.