4 hurt in multi-vehicle crash in Paterson, NJ

Four people were injured in the collision. Three had to be extricated from the vehicles.

Video Transcript

HEATHER O'ROURKE: We are going to talk about Paterson, New Jersey. This crash, Newscopter 7 is up above. John Del Giorno, that looks extremely serious.

JOHN DEL GIORNO: Heather, this is a really serious accident. Happened before 5:30 this morning. We're in Paterson on Route 20 at 17th Avenue. We're getting word, we don't have a confirmation, but we're hearing this may have been a head on collision here in the southbound lanes of Route 20. Again, the cross is at 17th Avenue. We're told that there were four people injured here, three of them have been extricated from the vehicle.

Police investigation is ongoing. You can see, I've got Street Spotter 7 up. This is where the road is shut, southbound at Park Avenue. That's where traffic is being diverted off of Route 20.