4 Kennedale High Girls Find Success Playing On Boys Soccer Team

Boys Head Soccer Coach Heath Wakeland says, “I had no doubt they were gonna be able to hang.”

Video Transcript

- High school basketball state champions have now been crowned. And next on the horizon, the boys and girls soccer state playoffs. As Keith Russell reports in Kennedale, the boys and girls play on the same soccer team.

KEITH RUSSELL: The Kennedale soccer team had a very unique season, one in which they definitely stood out from the rest.

HEATH WAKELAND: I had no doubt that they were going to be able to hang.

KEITH RUSSELL: Coach Wakeland wasn't referring to his guys. He was talking about the special quartet of young ladies who played on the boys team all season long.

KEITH RUSSELL: Could you ever have imagined that it would play out like this?


KEITH RUSSELL: With COVID limiting the number of young ladies who wanted to play soccer this season and falling short of the usual required seven players to field a team, it was suit up with the guys, or not at all.

ANGELINA OLMOS: We were just willing to play no matter the circumstance.

KEITH RUSSELL: While Angelina got to bond with her brother on the team, she and the other girls made it clear their presence was not a charity case, nor were they intimidated.

KRYSTAL LAFOLLETTE: The boy, he ran up to me and just like, he yelled boo at me. And he was like, you're not scared? I was like, no, I'm not scared.

LAUREN MCINTYRE: I think they were thinking we were going to come out not as strong as we actually are and slower, but we're actually just as strong as they are.

CASSIDY HUGHES: We're just as good as them and better than a lot of them, honestly. We can hold our own. And we know how to play.

KEITH RUSSELL: As evidenced by the rich tradition of the Kennedale girl's soccer program winning state in 2014 and '15, and being district champs last year. But maybe this year was meant to be for the girls and boys to learn one thing.

HEATH WAKELAND: The uniquenesses that we are bring and being able to use those to put the best team on the field is, I think, the goal. And I hope that translates to life.

KEITH RUSSELL: A lesson for everyone. Keith Russell, CBS 11 Sports.

- Clearly those girls can play.