4 men sentenced for hate crimes after attack on Lynnwood DJ

A federal judge Friday sentenced four white supremacists to prison for a hate crime attack on a Black DJ at a Lynnwood bar.

Until the sentencing, the victim had been known only by his initials in court documents.

But in the courtroom, Tyrone allowed his first name to be used and he later spoke with reporters.

“Before this I was free and outgoing, worked a Boeing for eight-and-a-half years. For fun and hobbies I would go to my friends’ and DJ,” he said.

Tyrone was DJ’ing at the Rec Room in Lynnwood in December 2018, when federal prosecutors say a group of white supremacists came in, making Nazi salutes on the dance floor.

They were in the area to mark so-called “Martyr’s Day” on Whidbey Island, the place neo-Nazi Robert Matthews was killed in a fire and shootout with the FBI in 1984.

“They provoked a confrontation with the victim to attempt to justify beating him,” said Richard Collodi, FBI Special Agent in Charge, of the assault on Tyrone.

FBI agents say one man picked a fight with Tyrone, and when he defended himself, the others jumped in to brutally assault him.

Tyrone said he’s still in pain and unable to work or leave home without fear.

“It’s taken me away from a life that I built,” he said.

Federal prosecutors say the attackers targeted Tyrone because he is Black, and they charged them with hate crimes.

A federal judge sentenced four men who pleaded guilty.

Jason Desimas will serve four years in prison, as will Jason Stanley.

The judge sentenced Randy Aaron Smith to 42 months and Daniel Delbert Dorson to 28 months.

“Every time we have a case like that, we want to make sure we do everything we can to make sure those people are held accountable and that we treat hate crimes as the virus that it is,” said U.S. Attorney Nick Brown.