4-year-old boy with autism made honorary associate at Lowe’s — his favorite store

Nelson Oliveira, New York Daily News
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Lowe’s is the new Chuck E. Cheese — at least for this kid.

A 4-year-old boy with autism has been made an honorary associate at Lowe’s after visiting the store several times a week to play with washers, dryers and other appliances, his family said.

The Missouri child, Jaxon Maples, has been obsessed with home appliances since he was a baby, but his love for them grew even more when he discovered Lowe’s, mom Shauna Rippee told the Springfield News-Leader.

When he visits the store, he likes to sit on top of washers, spin the tubs inside the dryers and play with fans, an unusual habit that has to do with his “sensory issues,” she said.

“It’s kind of crazy because my son has never been attracted to what a lot of kids are interested in, like going to Chuck E. Cheese or Incredible Pizza,” Rippee told the paper. “He wants to go to Lowe’s.”

The woman recently reached out to the company’s corporate office asking for a Lowe’s vest for her son. But company officials were so inspired by the story that they made the boy an honorary employee and gave him a bucket full of Lowe’s swag.

“My team was really inspired by his story and his connection to Lowe’s,” store manager Marty Davis told the News-Leader. “We tried to make it a special day for him. There’s so much going on in this world right now. He made our Saturday at Lowe’s.”

Rippee said her child is considered nonverbal — but he’s never quiet when he’s at Lowe’s.

“He’ll go on to the next washer and dryer and spin it. Then he’ll push the buttons,” she told the paper. "He’ll show me, ‘Mommy, look. Mommy, look, look at the black one.’ He’ll even say, ‘Here’s a Samsung.’

“He’s just really smart,” Rippee said. “We have people that have just stopped and watched him. And it’s pretty amazing.”


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