4-year-old dies after accidentally dousing herself with boiling water, Texas cops say

Dawson White

A child is dead and a woman has been arrested after a tragic accident in Texas on Saturday.

Corsicana police responded to a call at an area home where they found a 4-year-old girl unresponsive, police said in a news release.

Juana Marquez, 42, told police she was giving her children a bath when her stepdaughter, Amberly Quiroz, pulled a large pot of boiling water down from the stove, WFAA reported.

The boiling water spilled over her “head, torso, arms and other areas of her body,” the release said.

Police have arrested Juana Marquez, 42, after a child died after accidentally spilling boiling water on herself, reports say.

Marquez told police she treated the girl’s burns with Noxzema “in hopes that it would cool the burns for her,” an arrest warrant states, according to WFAA. She said the girl stopped crying and she sent her to bed, though another child in the home told police the girl was “crying and crying.”

Police say the incident happened 12 hours before they were called. The woman who reported the incident was not in the room when it occurred and did not take the girl to the hospital, opting to treat the child herself, police say. The girl died.

An autopsy has been ordered, but the medical examiner’s early results indicate that the child died from injuries related to the boiling water, police say.

Juana Marquez, 42, has been arrested and charged with the second-degree felony of abandoning or endangering a child, Corsicana Daily Sun reported. The woman’s relationship to the child was not immediately clear.