4-year-old girl injured by bullet at party in southwest Fresno

Officers say someone at the party had a gun in their pocket, which accidentally went off. The bullet ricocheted and grazed the child's back.

Video Transcript

- An incredibly close call tonight at a child's birthday party in Southwest Fresno, when a gun somehow went off in the middle of the celebration. A four-year-old girl is now recovering tonight after being injured by a bullet. The terrifying ordeal took place this evening in Southwest Fresno near Kern and Collins, where many kids were gathered for the festivities.

- Action News reporter, Gilbert Magallon joins us now live from police headquarters with more about the little girl's injuries and why police believe this gunfire was not intentional. Gilbert.

- Well, Margot, Warren, that little girl is expected to be OK. And officers say a bullet grazed her back after a gun accidentally went off inside a man's pocket. Now, all of this happened just before 6:00 this evening at a child's birthday party. Detectives say it took place at an apartment complex near Kern and Collins. About 20 kids were present when officers say a man's gun accidentally went off. A single bullet was fired injuring a four-year-old girl and sending party goers into a panic.

- When that occurred, the bullet ricocheted off the ground and struck the four-year-old female.

- After the shooting happened, family members took the four-year-old to a home a few miles away near Walman and Jensen. That's when someone called police saying a little girl was shot. When officers arrived, they discovered a bullet had grazed her back. Detectives say the little girl was terrified. She was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Now officers are still searching for the man responsible. And they're also trying to determine if he was attending the party or just happened to be in the area. For now, in downtown Fresno, Gilbert Magallon, ABC 30 Action News.

- Thank you, Gilbert. And just a couple of blocks away, officers also responded to reports of a gunshot victim. When they arrived to the area of Tillery and A Street, they found a man in his mid 20s who had been shot in the lower body. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment and is expected to survive, but he is not cooperating with investigators.