4 injured in drive-by shooting in Yonkers, police say

Video from the incident shows a vehicle pulling up with a person sticking their head out of the rear window. That is when they opened fire on people at the corner.

Video Transcript

- More on those stories in just a minute. But we are going to begin tonight with some breaking news. And gunfire broke out this afternoon in the city of Yonkers in Westchester County.

- Several people have been wounded. We don't know how many or their conditions quite yet. Shannon Sohn live over the scene in NewsCopter 7. Shannon.

SHANNON SOHN: And we are just getting new information about the shooting as we speak. A press conference happening on the ground. And we now know that this was a drive-by shooting that happened at 4:15 this afternoon in front of 150 Elm Street, right at the intersection with Oak Street. And you can see all those yellow markers on the ground. Those are marking shell casings from this drive-by shooting. We now know that four people were, in fact, shot. The most serious injuries are stable. Stable condition but serious. That is the most serious injury. That was to a woman. The other three are in unknown condition.

And at this point we do not yet know if police have a suspect in custody. But they've got a huge crime scene set up here at Elm Street completely shut down between Linden Street and Victor Street. Oak Street itself, which is the intersection that corresponds with where this shooting-- happened by the way, this was in front of a Hobby Mart deli and grocery store. Oak Street shut down between Chestnut and Ash with this ongoing police investigation. Unclear on the motivation behind this. But again, this was a drive-by shooting that has left four people in the hospital. The most serious of those injuries is stable condition. That is the good news, but also serious.