4 Rescued Near Capsized Boat Off Broward Coast

Officials responded to an overturned boat at the 2500 block of north ocean drive, just south of Oakland Park Blvd.

Video Transcript

- Caught on camera-- a water rescue off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Four people had to be pulled from the water after their boat capsized. Jump [? for 4 ?] was over the scene at the 15th street fisheries dock, where the people were taken. They told officials they were able to call 911 before the boat completely overturned allowing dispatch to ping their location out on the water. One of the women rescued talked to us about the moments before the rescue boats arrived on the scene.

SANDRA FOO-LOWE: We kind of just drifted. The wave just drifte us. We paddled a little bit. You know, you can't really swim. The waves are so big and it's like, hitting us.

- Yeah.

SANDRA FOO-LOWE: And we just kind of just-- and I hold on to him. And when the wave pushes us, I just pull him so we can go forward. We're trying to go to the beach.

- Well, one of the men rescued was taken to the hospital after swallowing some water, but is expected to be OK. The other three people on board were not seriously hurt.