4 Things You Need To Know: May 1, 2021

Jennifer Mayele and Mike Augustyniak give you the top 4 pieces of information from the morning news (1:27). WCCO 4 News - May 1, 2021

Video Transcript


- Here's a look at the four things you need to know for today. Number one, a child is in the hospital. Police are investigating the shooting of an 11-year-old boy in north Minneapolis. They say several rounds were fired into a car with the child inside on Friday.

He's in the hospital now. And at last check, he's in critical condition. Police are trying to find out who's behind the shooting and why.

- Number two, as COVID-19 ravages the world's second largest country, the US is restricting travel from India beginning on Tuesday. This means no non-citizens or non-immigrants can enter the US if they spent time in India within 14 days. The CDC has declared the country a very high risk and recommends Americans don't travel there.

- Number three, it's Kentucky Derby weekend. The first leg of the Triple Crown is today and on a usual schedule after 2020 saw the race run in September. It's the 147th the running of the race at Churchill Downs in Louisville.

Fans will be back in the stands at 40% to 50% capacity, with an additional 15% to 25% in the infield. The race starts at 5:57 tonight.

- That means more room for hats.

- Yes.

- Number four, today, the walk for animals. The annual Animal Humane Society event celebrates 50 years today. It is all virtual again. Whether you choose to walk in your own neighborhood, at a nearby park, or even on a treadmill at home, you will be making a difference for animals. To register or donate, visit wcco.com/links.