4 things to never put in your garbage disposal

Do not put these 4 things down your garbage disposal.

Video Transcript


- Instead of pouring them down the drain, I'm going to show you the right way to dispose of these kitchen items. It may be tempting to put coffee grounds down the drain. But, over time, they can create a sludge that will plug up your plumbing.

Even avoid putting oats, pasta, or rice down the drain. Even if they're cooked, over time they can absorb more water and create a clog. Used oil and cooking grease shouldn't go down the drain. We all know that oil and water don't mix. So it won't mix in your disposal.

Instead, transfer your used oil into a heat-proof container. Let it cool. And it's best to just throw it away in the trash. Instead of putting used grease or oil directly into the trash, put it in a sealed container. That way, animals won't be attracted to it.

You can also contact your local recycling center. They may have a program where you can turn in used grease and oil. And they'll turn it into biodiesel. Properly disposing of items will help preserve your garbage disposal and prevent future problems.