4-year-old makes emotional video asking for a kidney donation for her dad

Delbon Johnson is one step closer to a kidney transplant with the help of his 4-year-old daughter, Madison. (Photo courtesy of Kameisha Johnson)

Madison Johnson is only 4 years old, and already she’s playing a major role in saving her father’s life with a public plea for a kidney donation that’s making her family feel hopeful.

With the help of her mom, Kameisha Johnson, Madison posted a video to YouTube to tell people about the declining health of her father, Delbon Johnson, who has been suffering from kidney disease for the majority of his daughter’s life. According to Kameisha, her husband is currently in renal failure and completely dependent on a dialysis machine, which is why Madison is asking for help.

“[Delbon]’s been on dialysis because of kidney disease for at least the last four years,” Kameisha tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “And with this kidney disease and dialysis, he’s really exhausted, his skin color has changed, he has arthritis, muscle cramps, pain where he’s sometimes unable to go up and down the stairs.”

Kameisha explains that while her husband is on a kidney transplant waiting list at Emory University Hospital, she and her own mother thought that creating another avenue to get a living donor might actually be their best bet. Especially considering how young Madison is, and how vital it is that he remains in her life.

“It’d be better if he could get a living donor cause he’s able to live a longer life,” she explains. “His kidneys are only working ten percent and basically the machine is only what’s keeping him alive. And Madison is 4, and of course I want him to be here to see her grow up.”

Having her own father in her life is something that Madison wants as well. According to her mother, the 4-year-old appears to be becoming more aware of her father’s illness and often gets sad when he’s not around to play with her at their Atlanta, Ga., home because of his ongoing doctors’ visits.

Kameisha, Madison, and Delbon Johnson. (Photo courtesy of Kameisha Johnson)

Luckily, Madison’s video may help to change that, as Kameisha reveals that people have already started to reach out and express interest in the screening process to see if they’d be a match for Delbon.

“It’s very emotional,” Kameisha says of the conversations she’s had with strangers who are looking into the process. “I’m just really blessed that there are people out here in this world that have a caring heart and that don’t even know us but want to help us by donating one of their kidneys to my husband so he can live a longer life. I mean, the conversations that I’m having with people who are coming forward — I’m just really really thanking them. Thanking them for their generosity, their support, their prayers, just for even taking the first step.”

Even for those who don’t want to donate, Kameisha says their help in spreading the word is just as appreciated.

“All avenues — prayers, calls, reposts, re-sharing the message, wanting to do the screening, we take it all,” she says. “It’s been really a good blessing.”

More information regarding a donation can be found here.

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