Take 40% off a Nectar mattress and get two free pillows on Amazon — a better deal than on Nectar's site

Clouds look so comfy, right?

As a kid, I was disheartened to find out that clouds are just visible masses of water and don't work like trampolines. As an adult, it's even more disheartening to know that achieving that level of fluff for sleeping just isn't gonna happen.

A mattress from Nectar could get close, though: These internet favorite mattressees-in-a-box are more than 40% off on Amazon today, saving you up to $340. You'll also get two gel memory foam pillows at no cost when you buy a mattress — an extra value worth $150.

Nectar's official site is currently offering the deal it always has: $125 off a mattress (when you enter your email address) and two free pillows. However, that deal is barely over 15% off. With Amazon's deal, you're saving at least $100 more regardless of the size.

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Stomach, side, and back sleepers alike should appreciate Nectar's advanced comfort features, which come in the form of three (yup, three) memory foam layers. Our story on the best online mattresses crowned Nectar as the best mattress for comfort. Here's why:

  1. The top layer is made of quilted gel memory foam that contours to your body and provides extra loft.

  2. The middle layer is Nectar's patented Lush Foam that evenly distributes your weight and offers the perfect combo of firm and soft that Nectar is known for.

  3. The bottom layer is an adaptive hi-core memory foam that supports your body and prevents sinking.

Compared to Casper, Nectar provides about one more inch of memory foam, making it extra cushioned for people who need back support or have sharp pressure points. The three layers are cocooned between a temperature control cover and a breathable base layer to circulate air and wick away heat, even on the sweatiest nights. 

A quilted Nectar pillow.
A quilted Nectar pillow.

Image: nectar

Prices by size are as follows:

  • Twin — $279.30 (regular price $399)

  • Twin XL — $328.30 (regular price $594)

  • Full — $419.30 (regular price $724)

  • Queen — $489.30 (regular price $824)

  • King — $599.30 (regular price $1,024)

  • California King — $599.30 (regular price $1,024)

Choose your size and grab your two free pillows here. If you're skeptical, there's a 180-night home trial and a forever warranty.

Shop Amazon's Nectar Mattress sale — up to $340 off
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