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48 Hours Investigates Jonelle Matthews Murder

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CBS4's Kelly Werthmann interviewed Steve Pankey, the suspect in the case, where he claims he was framed.

Video Transcript

- Tomorrow night, the CBS show "48 Hours" investigates the kidnapping and murder of a girl in Greeley more than 35 years ago. Jonelle Matthews was just 12 years old when she disappeared in 1984. We've been covering the story on CBS 4 ever since.

The case was cold for decades until the girl's body was found two years ago and police started to question a new suspect. Our own Kelly Werthmann is part of this new episode tomorrow night.

- In a matter of days, the search was all over the news, but not because police were talking.

STEVEN PANKEY: Don't spit in my face. Don't accuse me.

- It was Steven Pankey who started talking--

STEVEN PANKEY: I've never met Jonelle Matthews.

- --to just about anyone who would listen--

STEVEN PANKEY: I've never met anybody in her family.

- --including CBS affiliate KMVT.

STEVEN PANKEY: Make sure the viewers here that I voluntarily gave my DNA. I offered to take a polygraph.

- Police won't directly confirm any of that.

KELLY WERTHMANN: I'm Kelly Werthmann. Here's a look at today's top stories.

- Kelly Werthmann is a reporter and anchor for Denver's CBS station KCNC. She also interviewed Pankey over FaceTime.

STEVEN PANKEY: If I gave my DNA, that would be kind of like a knockout blow.

KELLY WERTHMANN: He really wanted to make himself clear that he was framed. Did you kill Jonelle Matthews?

STEVEN PANKEY: [LAUGHS] Absolutely not.

- You can see the full "48 Hours" episode on the Jonelle Matthews case tomorrow night at 9:00, right here on CBS 4 in Denver.