49ers' George Kittle photobombed by The Rock in roster Google search

Jessica Kleinschmidt

You can figure anything out simply by Googling it.

How to fix a flat tire, what your horoscope's love compatibility is (be wary of an Aquarius and Taurus together), and George Kittle.

But the 49ers tight end has a different situation when you Google the 49ers' roster -- he's not alone in his photo. He's joined by WWE superstar turned actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

Typically, you'd like to have a solo photo when someone is curious about you, but in this case, I'm sure Kittle's willing to make an exception.

Kittle is a wrestling fan, a hardcore one. So hardcore in fact, during a postgame press conference last year, he tried to get everyone to speed it up in order to get to a WWE event.

He also recently sported some "The Rock" inspired cleats.

The Rock himself finds himself becoming a fan of Kittle as well.

After the 34-31 Week 16 win over the Rams, Kittle had a notification from the actor:

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The Rock played football at the University of Miami as a defensive tackle, so he has a gridiron background himself.

And with the way the 49ers are playing, perhaps a meet-and-greet between the two of them would take place soon in Miami for Super Bowl LIV. It's the least they could do after "sharing" a place on the roster with one another.

49ers' George Kittle photobombed by The Rock in roster Google search originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area