For when 4K just isn’t enough, Sharp unveils 85-inch 8K 3D TV

Chris Smith
For when 4K just isn’t enough, Sharp unveils 85-inch 8K 3D TV

Sharp on Monday at CES 2014 unveiled a new 85-inch 8K TV that also offers glasses-free 3D video playback. The company says that the 8K TV has been created together with Philips and Dolby and will offer users a “lifelike 3D picture” without requiring glasses. The television set will offer a resolution of 7680 x 4320 or sixteen times the resolution of today’s HDV TVs. While the company continues to experiment with such ultra high resolution TVs, this 85-inch 8K TV does not have pricing or a launch date just yet.

In addition to the 8K 3D TV, the company has also announced a variety of new TV models part of the Aquos Quattron+ that will be able to deliver 4K playback support and will come in three classes including 60 inches, 70 inches and 80 inches models. The Aquos line of LED Smart TVs is also getting new 60- and 70-inch models capable to deliver 4K Ultra HD playback, just like the Aquos Quattron line, which will also receive new 60- and 70-inch models. Finally, the Sharp Aquos HD will get new models from 60 inches to 90 inches, with the company expected to expand the small and mid-size offering as well this year.

Sharp introduced the world’s first 85-inch 8K TV in May 2011, in collaboration with Japan’s NHK (image above).

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