5 Beaufort Co. businesses graded lower than ‘A’ in February health inspections. Take a look

Five Beaufort County food businesses were cited with grades below an “A” in routine health inspections in February by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control:

Circle K #5386, 114 Sea Island Parkway in Beaufort, scored an 85% (B) in a routine inspection on Feb. 2. Among the issues noted: Rodent feces and active rodent activity throughout the facility, including behind the coffee station, at the soda boxes and on the snack food aisle; build up of food debris on shelving units and handles and doors of cold-holding unit; floors unclean and trash containers overflowing; boxes and containers of food stored on the floor.

The store was reinspected on Feb. 17 and scored a 98% (A).

In another inspection March 10, the store scored a 96% but was given the grade of a B because the evidence of rodent activity remained. At the time of the inspector’s report, the store agreed to voluntarily stop selling prepared food and drinks and packaged convenience foods to focus on cleaning and pest control.

Fat Baby’s Pizza and Subs, 1034 William Hilton Parkway on Hilton Head, scored an 84% (B) in a routine inspection on Feb. 14. Among the issues noted: Incorrect level of chlorine in the chemical dish machine; problems with food holding temperatures, and lack of a date-marking system; chipped or broken food containers; lighting requirements not met in the warewashing area and outside the walk-in cooler.

The restaurant was reinspected on Feb. 15 and scored a 99% (A).

Tienda y Tortilleria San Jose, 120 Arrow Road on Hilton Head, scored an 83% (B) in a routine inspection on Feb. 1. Among the issues noted: Multiple violations related to thawing chicken, pork and beef, along with the lack of a date-marking system; an accumulation of grease and grime on the hood filters.

The restaurant was reinspected on Feb. 10 and scored a 98% (A).

Wasabi Sushi, 103 Buckwalter Place, Suite 109, in Bluffton, scored a 79% (B) in a routine inspection on Feb. 13. Among the issues noted: Raw shrimp and chicken improperly stacked with produce in the cooler; improper food temperatures on the cook line, and raw chicken in the same compartment of the sink with a detergent container; cutting board not sanitized after washing; insect traps with an excess amount of dead bugs; an accumulation of grease and carbon buildup on the sides of cooking equipment.

The restaurant was reinspected on Feb. 23 and scored a 100% (A).

Wild Wing Cafe, 1188 Fording Island Road in Bluffton, scored an 82% (B) in a routine inspection Feb. 22. Among the issues noted: Improper storage and cleaning of kitchen utensils; handwashing and wiping cloth violations; an accumulation of grease and grime on the sides and backs of equipment and at the hand-washing sink; unclean floors and walls; drying racks for the dish machine chipped and pitted.

The restaurant was reinspected on March 1 and scored a 99% (A).

What the grades mean

Inspectors hand out a grade of A, B or C, depending on the conditions found at the time. Points are docked for a variety of infractions, and restaurants have a chance to correct the problems and improve their score.

  • A: 88% to 100%

  • B: 78% to 87%

  • C: 77% or less

During January, DHEC recorded 156 inspections of restaurants, schools, stores and other food establishments in Beaufort County. The agency publishes the results of health inspections on its website.

Below are the SC DHEC restaurant grades in Beaufort County from Feb. 1-28, 2023.

At the top left of the chart, there is a space to search for the name of a restaurant. Please note that this month’s inspections take up two pages. Switch to page 2 at the top right.