The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this weekend

Isabelle Kagan
Save on the stuff we love this Sunday.

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One of my favorite ways to spend the weekend is to leisurely online shop from the comfort of my own couch, and see if there's any deals to be taken advantage of. Amazon is obviously one of the biggest retailers and best sites to deal hunt, so it's always a good place to start.

This Sunday, I perused dozens of pages on Amazon and scoured different deals sites to find the five absolute best offers the online retail giant currently has. These are things that we've either tested in our labs or researched heavily to ensure you are getting not only the best price but the best products, too. 

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1. Save $15: A streaming stick to help cut your cable bill

Access all your favorite channels, at the click of a button.

So you've heard all the hoopla about Disney+, HBO Max, and other streaming services that are changing the way we watch TV. Soon it feels like almost every channel is going to have its own app you'll have to pay for, which means streaming devices like Fire TV Sticks are becoming more and more of a necessity. 

If you know someone who's behind the times and still needs this addition to their TV (maybe you? we're not here to judge), right now you can get Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K for $15 off its usual $50 price tag. It'll allow you to stream all your favorite TV shows, movies, apps, and channels in pristine HD quality at the touch of a button, plus it's compatible with Alexa so you can use voice controls. And while we haven't tested this device specifically, it serves as the replacement to the Amazon Fire TV we loved. You can also opt for the regular Fire TV Stick for the even cheaper price of $25, if you don't want to upgrade to 4K.

Get the Fire TV Stick 4K for $34.99 (Save $15)

2. Under $10: This best-selling cast-iron skillet

Every kitchen needs a cast-iron skillet.

Don't own a cast-iron skillet yet, but always been curious to try one out in your kitchen? Cast iron pans and skillets aren't too expensive, and can honestly last a lifetime assuming you care for them properly. They're great for frying foods, baking breads and pizzas, searing steaks, and pretty much any other cooking task you can think of.

In terms of the best cast-iron cookware on the market, Lodge makes the most durable, long-lasting options, and right now you can get one of their most popular pans at its lowest price. Their 8-inch skillet is currently a few dollars cheaper on Amazon—available for just $8, matching the lowest price it's ever been. This smaller size will make it easier to store and lift compared to a larger skillet, plus it will also fit much better on a crowded stovetop or in an oven.

Get the Lodge Cast Iron 8-Inch Skillet for $7.99 (Save $2)

3. Best price: Our favorite electric toothbrush

Say hello to a whiter smile.

The first step to a gorgeous smile is making sure your teeth and gums are healthy. This is where an electric toothbrush comes in. They're designed so you know exactly the correct amount of time you need to brush, and their motorized heads are way more effective at removing plaque and surface stains than a traditional toothbrush. If you're still in the market for one, right now you can get our favorite electric toothbrush, the Oral-B 3000, for half off its original price. This one in particular has three cleaning modes with different intensities and durations, including a Sensitive mode, and will even alert you with a pulse if you're brushing too hard. Pretty fancy, eh?

Get the Oral-B 3000 Smartseries Electric Toothbrush for $44.73 (Save $45.21)

4. Save $5: A top-rated USB car charger

Keep your phone away from that dreaded red battery percentage territory.

If you're a car owner and a phone owner, it should be an obvious next step to have a USB charger in your car, so that your phone never dies when you're in the middle of mapping to your destination, or playing songs on the aux. We've tested a lot of options and chose RAVPower and the maker of the best car charger you can get. While the specific model we tested isn't on sale, you can get a similar one that features "Quick Charge 3.0" USB ports to boost the charging process, and can charge two phones at once. This one earned an Amazon's Choice badge as well, and right now you can snag it for $5 cheaper by entering the code ECHOQEDX at checkout.

Get the RavPower dual USB QC3.0 40W/3A Output Car Charger for $6.99 (Save $5)

5. $5 off: This popular cleaning kit for your cooktop

Scrub away that caked-up grime.

Your cooktop gets a ton of action in your kitchen on a daily basis. From bubbling sauces to sizzling veggies and meats, it's easy for spillover to accumulate and greasy residues to build up, which is why it needs to be wiped down routinely. If you want to keep your cooktop looking shiny and clean, this Afresh cooktop cleaning kit will do the trick. It includes a non-abrasive cleaner and scraper, as well as non-abrasive cleaning pads that are safe for all glass and ceramic cooktops, and makes removing burned foods and caked-on messes incredibly easy. Right now, you can snag it for $5 off its usual price. 

Get the Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Kit for $4.99 (Save $4.67)

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