The 5 Best Guns and Rifles for Target Shooting on the Planet

Kyle Mizokami

If the old phrase “only accurate guns are interesting” is true, then target pistols are the most interesting guns of all.

Target pistols are highly specialized guns that have only one overriding requirement: accuracy. Weight, concealability, energy on target, and other factors useful in judging most guns go out the window. Unlike other guns, for example, it can be very useful for a target gun to be very heavy, resulting in a weapon that is impractical for everyday use but a rock-solid shooting platform. Here are five typical target guns.

Ruger 10/22:

The Ruger 10/22 is the king of target guns, combining versatility, configurability, and commonality in an affordable platform. Gun designers Willian Ruger and Harry Sefried created the 10/22 as an all-in-one rifle meant as a training firearm for young people, a small game/varmint rifle for outdoorsmen and ranchers, and a versatile, all-around weapon. The 10/22 is chambered in .22 Long Rifle rimfire caliber, resulting in a low recoil rifle that shoots inexpensive ammunition.

The rifle action easily detaches from the factory stock and the gun is easy to disassemble, allowing custom the installation of aftermarket buttstocks and trigger parts, and the barrel is easily swappable to install heavier, shorter, or fluted versions. The result is an inexpensive gun that can be gradually scaled upward as a target shooter continues to invest in the hobby. Interest from the target community even prompted Ruger to introduce a pistol version of the 10/22, the Charger.

Model 20RF:

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