5 of the best smartphones

The Week Staff

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 ($900)

With the latest edition of its flagship phone, Samsung "has really delivered," writes Sam Rutherford at Gizmodo. The firm's displays remain "the best in the business," and this model has a triple-lens rear camera, an in-screen fingerprint sensor, 128 GB of base storage, and "ridiculously good" battery life. Buy it at Samsung.

2. Apple iPhone 11 ($699)

The top models cost $1,000 and more, but Apple is wisely letting most buyers get the latest iPhone at a mid-tier price. It runs on the fastest chipset around, and its cameras now feature an ultrawide-angle lens and an excellent Night Mode. Buy it at Apple.

3. OnePlus 7 Pro ($649)

"A swiftly rising flagship killer," OnePlus makes smartphones with specs comparable to Samsung's. With a 90-hz AMOLED screen and the same snappy processor as the Galaxy S10, the 7 Pro is "by far the best value for a premium smartphone today," per Sascha Segan and Steven Winkelman at PC Mag. Buy it at OnePlus.

4. Google Pixel 3a ($399)

If your budget is $400, "you cannot find a better phone than this," writes Jeffrey Van Camp at Wired. Though it lacks certain luxury features, the Pixel 3a "manages to feel like a high-end $800 phone in the ways that matter most," beginning with a camera that's "as good as anything you can buy." Buy it at Google.

5. Motorola Moto G7 Power ($249)

Though Motorola's middle child gets by with slightly less RAM, storage space, and one fewer camera than the $299 Moto G7, it's the better choice, because the G7 Power's battery can last three days. "There's simply no better deal for a smartphone under $250," writes Mark Spoonauer at Tom's Guide. Buy it at Amazon.

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