7 clothing rental services that will keep your wardrobe in constant rotation

7 clothing rental services that will keep your wardrobe in constant rotation (ABC News)

7 clothing rental services that will keep your wardrobe in constant rotation originally appeared on goodmorningamerica.com

Rent The Runway has led the charge when it comes to borrowing your wardrobe through a subscription service.

Now, multiple companies, as well as major retailers, are following suit, making fashion more accessible.

In September, major retailer Bloomingdale's launched a monthly subscription rental service called My List.

This new service gives members access to more than 60 of the major retailer's brands.

"We continually seek ways to evolve to meet the changing needs of shoppers while offering a destination for embracing personal style and discovering newness," said Bloomingdale's executive vice president and general merchandise manager of RTW, Denise Magid, in a statement.

Also, at the end of July, a new company called Nuuly which is owned by URBN (the parent company of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People) launched, and it now carries over 100 cool brands from labels many of us are familiar with.

PHOTO: Nuuly is a new subscription service that allows you to rent clothing from Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters, and more. (Nuuly)

There have also been popular stores such as Loft and New York and Company that have adopted the idea of giving customers the option to rent their favorite looks.

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In the era of fast fashion, as brands churn out an ever-changing array of clothing, many consumers find it nice to lean on subscription services that allow them flexibility in how, and for how long, to acquire clothing.

Ahead, we have highlighted seven rental-clothing companies to keep top of mind.

Bloomingdale's My List

This new launch for Bloomingdale's makes it one of the first-ever subscription rental services from an upscale department store. Members get access to over 60 brands along with over 100 exclusive pieces.

Price: $149 monthly

Banana Republic Style Passport

With this new service, customers can add three garments at a time to their wardrobe with unlimited exchanges. Members also enjoy free shipping, complimentary laundering services and a discount on any rented items that they want to purchase.

Price: $85 monthly

Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway is an innovator among clothing rental subscription services.

It started off as somewhere women could shop for formal wear, but now with their Unlimited feature, you can snag everyday wear as well. With this service, you can rent unlimited pieces monthly that can be swapped whenever you feel like returning. You also get to enjoy discounted prices if you choose to purchase any of your items.

Plus, there is free dry cleaning and shipping.

Price: $159 monthly


As mentioned earlier, with Nuuly you can try out styles from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People and over 100 other third-party labels as well as vintage pieces. You get a box of six items offered in sizes 00-26.

Price: $88 monthly

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Infinitely Loft

If you are a LOFT fan, you'll definitely want to get in on what Infinitely Loft has to offer. You can rent three garments at a time with unlimited swaps to enjoy. You also will get the luxury of being able to buy pieces you really love at a discount rate of 50-80% off.

Price: $64.95 monthly

NY&C Closet

New York & Company has joined in on the fun with a budget-friendly subscription service that offers a monthly selection of their apparel where you can rent up to three items at a time with unlimited swapping. Bonus points: free dry cleaning, shipping, and returns!

Price: 49.95 monthly

Gwynnie Bee

This amazing service offers a wide range of sizes that range from 0-32. There are also size adviser services available to help you find just the right pieces to flatter your figure. You can rent up to two items at time, and there's no stressful commitment or contract to lock you in.

Price: $69 monthly