5 Cool Kids' Room Ideas that Are Anything But Childish

One thing you'll notice about a home that truly feels cohesive is that every room, from the kitchen and living room to the bathrooms and kids' spaces seem to flow together effortlessly. Although it may seem impossible to align the style of your home to the space where your kids spend a majority of their time, there are plenty of chic brands and clever design tricks that make even this tall order achievable.

Just ask Elite Decorist Designer Briana Nix. The interior design pro specializes in eclectic, mid-century, and modern styles and she knows how to bring all of these looks into a kids' room that's still playful and functional enough for a growing child. "A kids' room should be an extension of the rest of your home," Nix says. "You'll spend a lot of time in this room just like your kids will so have it be a place you enjoy hanging out in as well," she continues.

The key to designing a space that finds this kind of balance, according to Nix, is allowing your kids to be part of the process, choosing furniture that will last, finding chic ways to store away inevitable clutter, and creating a neutral canvas to work with, all the while shopping brands that don't sacrifice style for utility.

Keep reading to learn Nix's best kids' rooms ideas for creating a space that works for both you and your little one.

1. Find Inspiration

Nix recommends approaching the task of decorating a kids' room by searching for inspiration together. You can look to interior design blogs, Pinterest, or Instagram to get ideas that will help you create the perfect space for your little one to live, play, and grow. Just be sure to include your kids in the process so they can be a part of the project, Nix advises. "Share with your kids to get their reaction," she says. "It's fun to let them in on the process," the designer continues.

After doing a bit of research, Nix says the next step is to assess the pieces you already have that you might be able to repurpose. Then, you can determine what types of furniture and décor you'll need to source and what kind of floorplan might work best for the space you have. Nix also suggests playing around with the floorplan before committing to anything. "Make sure you have a good flow with plenty of floorspace space remaining for the kids to stretch out," she adds.

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2. Choose Furniture Wisely

Once you've determined what furnishings you need, Nix advises you choose wisely in order to get the most out of what you use to furnish a kids' room. "Consider the longevity of any furniture you purchase," she notes. Ask yourself, will these items maintain their quality and function for at least five years?

If you're still not sure exactly where to start, Nix has a few suggestions for what belongs in a kids' capsule décor collection. First of all, think about finding a sizeable dresser to hold all your kids' clothing. "You want a good amount of storage without the piece overwhelming the room, so choose a dresser in natural wood or a light color," the designer advises. You can buy something new or, as Nix points out, you can opt to repurpose a piece of adult furniture. "A mid-century credenza can provide tons of storage for toys and clothing but gives the kids room a level of sophistication," she explains.

Along with a dresser, any kids' room needs a great bed that's comfortable and appropriate for the size of the room. Nix suggests buying a twin size bed instead of going to a toddler bed when transitioning from a crib. "This will save you the extra in-between step and there are so many great looking low beds that little ones won’t be intimidated by," she points out. With these two major furniture pieces out of the way, the rest of the décor is really up to your personal taste and your kids' individual needs.

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3. Create Chic Storage Solutions

Kids' rooms inherently come with clutter. There are toys, clothes, and games that will inevitably take up space and that's why it's important to prioritize stylish storage ideas. Nix likes to use acrylic bins or trunks that you can place at the foot of the bed if the room has enough space to hold toys. "They make exciting visuals when filled with stuffed animals or colorful blocks," she says. "The toys can easily become part of the décor with their bright colors and funky shapes and can make clean up fun for the kids too," she continues.

Nix also suggests utilizing a tall dresser inside of a closet as a way to hide out of season clothes and other accessories that aren't used as often. That way, when the closet door is closed, they're completely out of sight but still organized for when you do need them.

Finally, the designer is a fan of strategically placed shelving in a kids' room, rather than a traditional bookcase. She notes that book ledges can be hung low enough for kids to reach their belongings without taking up a lot of space. Plus, you can easily place a floor pillow by the shelving to create an instant reading nook. Additionally, higher shelves can be used to store more precious objects that you'd rather keep out of your kids' reach.

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4. Build Off of Neutrals

"A kids room can fill up quickly with items like art, books, and toys," Nix points out. That's why she likes to keep the wall colors neutral and classic in a kid-friendly space. She also notes that light colors are easier for the touchups that inevitably come with a kids room.

Another element of a kids room that Nix prefers to keep neutral is the bedding. "I like to keep bedding like sheets and blankets all white for easy laundering, then add layers of brightly colored pillows and throws for visual texture," the designer says.

It's this same thinking that leads to Nix's next kids' room idea. She suggests starting with a base layer of timeless pieces that don't necessarily have to be changed as your child grows up. Think ceiling fixtures, window treatments, and certain pieces of furniture. "Replacing items like these is expensive—and impractical—once you’re a parent, so choose pieces you will appreciate seeing throughout the years," Nix recommends.

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5. Know Where to Shop

Just because you're shopping for furniture and décor for a kids' room doesn't mean you have to let go of your style or design sensibility. Nix points out a variety of brands that you can shop for stylish décor that you and your kids will enjoy.

First up is a brand out of Denmark called EO, which Nix recommends for sourcing quirky, smaller pieces that will make a room feel unique. For the bigger items like beds, dressers, and desks in modern designs, she suggests shopping Rafa Kids and Oeuf.

For bedding, Nix likes Buy Buy Baby. "You don't want to spend a lot on kids' bedding and they have a large selection to choose from," she says. When it comes to kid-friendly décor, she shops at Little Nomad for stylish floor mats and Fawn Shoppe for items mirrors, artwork, and wall hangings that will finish off a space with a personal touch.

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