5 Dogs Rescued From Meat Market In China

CBS4's Karli Barnett reports on the good work from Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida.

Video Transcript

KEITH JONES: After more than two days of traveling, five dogs arrived here in South Florida all the way from China. It's all thanks to the work of a rescue group who has made it their mission to save as many as they can and give them a second chance at life. Here's CBS 4's Karli Barnett.

- Oh, you got this, honey.

- Come on, here we go.

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- Here we go.

KARLI BARNETT: Before the sun was up Saturday morning, Good Karma Pet Rescue was already at work.

- Oh, precious baby. Oh.

KARLI BARNETT: These pups had a long journey making it from China to Miami International Airport.

DEVEN SOTO: Five lives were spared today, and now we're going to get them amazing homes.

KARLI BARNETT: Deven Soto, with Good Karma, says it takes a lot of work and planning to make this possible, but says it's worth it to know they're safe from a grim fate.

DEVEN SOTO: They wind up on menus, so if we don't rescue them their only fate is to be someone's meal, unfortunately.

KARLI BARNETT: The borders are closed due to COVID, so they had to come in on a cargo flight. After their arrival, the dogs got a checkup at the vet and some much deserved treats.

SY WOON: They came off a 50-hour flight from China. So understandably, not only do they have prior health issues from being in this awful meat trade, but additionally when they've been in an extensive flight there's bound to be issues like dehydration and certainly other concerns. That's why I'm here to help assess them and give them a full physical exam.

KARLI BARNETT: The dogs get purchased from the meat trucks before going to the slaughterhouse. Each dog cost between $1,000 and $2,000, and sponsors cover the expense of the work the rescue does.

- Oh, honey. Oh.

KARLI BARNETT: After their exams, the pups will head to foster homes for some much needed TLC before being put up for adoption.

DEVEN SOTO: It's important to help our local dogs, but if we are fortunate enough to be in the position where we can help on a global level, that's what Good Karma does. So that's why we're here today.

KARLI BARNETT: Trying to give as many dogs as possible a fighting chance and a loving home. Karli Barnett, "CBS 4 This Morning".

KEITH JONES: Those faces, huh? Soto says the organization, which is based in Fort Lauderdale, is always looking for willing foster families and volunteers at their shelter. To find out more or learn about adopting, we have that information for you on our website, cbsmiami.com.