5 ERCOT Board Members Announce Resignations In Wake Of Statewide Power Outages During Winter Storms

- Five leaders of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), including the board chairman and board vice chairman, are resigning effective Wednesday, Feb. 24.

Video Transcript

- We're going to start with the resignations you may have heard about, or maybe not, at ERCOT in the wake of those winter storms last week. Five ERCOT board members and one under consideration right now have all decided to step down. Chairwoman Sally Talbert, vice chair Peter Cramton, that's along with board members Terry Bulgar, Raymond Hepper, and also Vanessa Anesetti-Para, announced their resignations earlier today.

It'll officially take effect tomorrow after a special board meeting to review last week's power crisis that left millions of Texans in the dark and in the cold. The majority of the board members are out of state, which did come to light in recent days. The sixth person I mentioned, who does live in Florida, was up for an open director's position. That person has withdrawn his candidacy.

In a statement from the governor in light of this news, he said, "The lack of preparedness and transparency at ERCOT is unacceptable." He goes on to say that he, welcomes the resignations. The governor, by the way, is scheduled to give a statewide address on the winter storms, the response, and the recovery. That's scheduled for tomorrow night, just after 6:00.