5 Former Volunteer Firefighters Indicted On Arson Charges In Prince George's County

Five former volunteer firefighters were indicted on charges of arson in Prince George's County earlier this week.

Video Transcript

- Well, new tonight, five former volunteer firefighters indicted, all accused of several arson cases in Prince George's County. Now the group ranges in age from 19 to 26. And they all worked for the West Lanham Hills Fire Department.

Investigators say between December of 2019 and early last year they conspired with three civilians to set four fires in vacant homes during their shifts just to be called to service to extinguish that fire.

- So anyone who has been in this position of trust, who's been trained, who has raised their right hand and sworn to protect this community, when they violate that oath, it is devastating to our community.

- Well, no one was hurt during the alleged fires. The five volunteer firefighters are each facing several charges. And they have not been out in the community fighting fires for the past 14 months due to this investigation.