The 5 most popular Columbus area ZIP codes

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Data: Zillow; Map: Sara Wise/Axios

Ever find yourself scrolling through Zillow for new homes?

  • You're far from alone. The most popular ZIP codes for home buyers (and dreamers) in the Columbus Metro Statistical Area all feature suburban neighborhoods surrounding the capital city.

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Why it matters: It's no secret the Columbus area remains a very hot market for home sales, and Zillow's data shows where potential buyers want to live the most.

  • Zillow, the online real estate marketplace, tracked which ZIP codes had the highest number of median website views in Columbus.

  • There are 132 total ZIP codes within this geographic area.

The five most popular:

1. 43017

Communities: Dublin, Tuttle Crossing, Riverside, Muirfield Village

  • Median home value: $462,443

2. 43081

Communities: Westerville, Huber Ridge, Little Turtle, Sharon Woods, Hoover Dam

  • Median home value: $300,396

3. 43229

Communities: Forest Park, Salem Village, Northgate

  • Median home value: $220,009

4. 43026

Communities: Hilliard, Mill Run, Brown Township

  • Median home value: $305,153

5. 43082

Communities: Westerville, eastern Polaris Parkway, Harlem Township

  • Median home value: $424,749

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