5-year-old boy killed in SW Houston crash with drunk driver, police say

The 26-year-old driver is charged with intoxication manslaughter after his BMW slammed into a Nissan with the 5-year-old victim inside.

Video Transcript

- Let's give you a live look now to 59 Feeder Road near Fountain View. That is where police say a suspected drunk driver crashed into a car, tragically killing a five-year-old. The father of the child also was sent to the hospital. We're told the driver of the BMW slammed into a red Nissan Sentra about 3:30 this morning. Investigators tells us the child who died was wearing a seatbelt, and that the suspect tried to walk away from the crash, but those who witnessed it stopped it. That man is now in custody. We're told he's in his mid 20s. He was taken to the hospital after complaining of some injuries.

Harris County DA's office says he could face charges of intoxication, manslaughter, intoxication assault, and failure to render aid.

CHUCK CORNELIUS: Chuck Cornelius, C-O-R-N-E-L-I-U-S, investigator with the District Attorney's office, vehicular crimes division.

- Can you talk about what we have here first?

CHUCK CORNELIUS: About 3:30 this morning, there was a report of a crash in this intersection of the 59 Service Road and Fountain View. It's suspected that the grey BMW ran the red light and struck the Nissan Sentra. In that vehicle was a dad and a five-year-old child. The five-year-old child has passed away from those injuries, and it's believed that alcohol is a factor. The driver of the BMW showed signs of intoxication. We're currently investigating the source of that toxification.

- Can you talk about the person, the intoxicated driver, age range of that person?

CHUCK CORNELIUS: The driver, he's going to be about 25 years old. He currently is not talking, he's been transported to the hospital, complaining of injuries. And the DWI unit for Houston police department is going to try to conduct an interview with him.

- He's not saying if he came from a club?

CHUCK CORNELIUS: Correct. We have no, he's not letting us know what club he was at, if he was at a house, we don't know specifically from him. We do have some evidence to process to try to identify where he could have been at prior to this crash.

- Pretty obvious, I guess, his inebriation--

CHUCK CORNELIUS: Yeah. He was showing obvious signs of intoxication.

- Just to be clear, the child was in the red vehicle?

CHUCK CORNELIUS: Was in the red Nissan Sentra.

- Nissan Sentra, OK. And strapped in, I guess, as well?

CHUCK CORNELIUS: We don't know for sure. There is a car seat in the vehicle, so the Houston fire department transported the child prior to our arrival, so we're not sure where the child was inside the vehicle, but there was a group of citizens that stopped to assist and detain the driver as he was trying to flee the scene. They were able to stop him and hold him until Houston police department patrol arrived on scene, and they were checking on the occupants of the vehicle, so the child and the father were still in the vehicle when Houston fire department arrived.

- He tried to walk away from the scene?

CHUCK CORNELIUS: Correct. Correct.