5-year-old who loves buses gets special birthday surprise from MTA

A 5-year-old boy fascinated with buses received a special VIP tour on his birthday and was even named an honorary bus operator.

Video Transcript

- A five-year-old boy from East Harlem just loves buses, and for his birthday he got just about the best gift you could give him, a chance to get behind the wheel of one. Eyewitness News reporter, Kemberly Richardson with this exclusive story.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: Amir B, there in the red cap, leaned in as he tried to figure out why he was here at the Tuskegee Airmen Bus Depot.

EBONI GLADDEN: I didn't tell him any place specific. I just said we were going to have a lot of fun, just trust me.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: Even as the five year old walked into the garage.

- Go ahead, buddy. Have a seat, Amir.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: And climb behind the wheel, he was speechless. Something I asked him about, but with this little one it's all about, well, buses, as you'll see in this story only here on Eyewitness News. You looked surprised when you got here. Were you suprised?

AMIR B GLADDEN: Hey. Hey, there's another bus right there.


AMIR B GLADDEN: Next up, 34th Street.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: Is a birthday surprise. Ebony reached out to the MTA to see if it could do something special for her son who's been fascinated with buses since before he could talk.

EBONI GLADDEN: His eyes would just follow the bus and just the sound. And everything is bus, bus, bus.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: Well everyone came through big time, even took Amir B his mom, grandmother, and cousin for a ride. They were the only passengers on the bus.

CAMILLE GLADDEN: To see him smile, to know that this is what makes them happy, it's breathtaking.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: This nearly took his breath away, a child who's learned so much about buses on YouTube.

AMIR B GLADDEN: This the articulation and the fuel compartment.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: Fuel compartment door?

AMIR B GLADDEN: And there's the engine under there.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: It's not just buses, Amir B also loves trains. In fact, his family tells me he's got the announcements down to a T.

CAMILLE GLADDEN: He says it exactly. You know, watch out for the closing doors. Ding dong.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: A final surprise, he's now an honorary bus operator.

EBONI GLADDEN: He's going to talk about it all year, all year and beyond.