3 seriously hurt in Calumet Heights crash on Stony Island, Chicago police say

Three people were seriously hurt Friday morning in a Calumet Heights crash on Stony Island, Chicago police said.

Video Transcript

JESSE KIRSCH: Tanya, taking a look at these pictures, no question this was a bad crash. And when you see how far these cars traveled, you can really get an idea of the magnitude of this impact. Police say it happened to my right at 87th and Stony Island, but you can see one of the wreckages still here behind us down the block toward 86th Place, and the other car is even farther north down the street.

Police still have this entire section of Stony Island between 86th and 87th Streets blocked off hours later. Police say this happened around 7:30 in the morning. One car with three people inside of it heading northbound on Stony Island crashed into the other car which was heading westbound on 87th Street at the time. That car had two people inside.

A man going by the name of Eric-- who did not want to show his face-- says he and his wife saw one of these cars involved speeding just moments before he then saw smoke on Stony Island.

ERIC: He jetted past us so fast, you know, the silver-- yeah, the silver car, and then we was like, maybe are they racing, or what? Or maybe they're just late for work.

JESSE KIRSCH: If you had to estimate, how fast do you think that car was going?

ERIC: I'd say about 75 miles an hour.

JESSE KIRSCH: So again, that man says he saw a car traveling at a high rate of speed and what he says were slick conditions. That man also says he saw one of the vehicles on fire when he and his wife eventually drove by on Stony Island. At this point, police telling us all five people involved in this crash are in critical condition. We'll be watching for an update to their conditions throughout the day.