5 shot at N. Houston after-hours nightclub

The shooter was still at large Saturday after a woman and four men were injured when an argument ended in gunfire.

Video Transcript

LIEUTENANT PAVEL: I'm Lieutenant Pavel with the Houston Police Department Night Command. At approximately [? zero-two-34 ?] hours, officers were called to a shooting in progress at address 10266 North Freeway, which is an after hours spot right behind me over here.

When officers arrived they saw one victim who was shot in the leg-- one male-- who was quickly transported by EMS to the hospital. They were later notified that four other people had been shot, as well, for a total of five victims, one female and four males. We do have one of the males in critical condition, he had been shot in the neck. And the other ones are either shot in the arm or leg. There appears to be nothing critical with them.

Basically, preliminary information suggests that there was an argument inside the club and the suspect took out a pistol and started shooting. We do not know if the victims were targeted. We're still investigating. We haven't had a chance to interview the victims but I'm pretty confident that once we interview the victims and we also look at the footage we will be able to identify the suspect.

We don't have any information on the suspect as of right now. Major assaults is involved and they're going to do a full investigation here. That's all the information we have right now. If you guys have any other questions?

- So we've got 5 gunshot victims from inside an after hours club?


- Do we know how busy it was or how full the club was at the time of the shooting?

LIEUTENANT PAVEL: Like I said, when the officers arrived here they only saw one victim that was shot in the leg. Everybody else either took off or they were not inside the club. So we don't have any other eyewitnesses that we can interview as of right now. We are aware that there's video footage inside so we'll be able to look at it and see how many people were there, and who was inside, and also get more information on the suspect. But right now we don't have any information on the suspect.

- Can you tell what the argument was about, Lieutenant?

LIEUTENANT PAVEL: I have no idea. They just asked one of the victims quickly as he was being transported and that is the only information we have. We don't know exactly what occurred inside.

- So the other four, were they taken by private automobile to [? an area hospital, ?] too?

LIEUTENANT PAVEL: I believe two of them were walk-ins, so they were taking by private vehicle. And the other ones were taken by EMS to different hospitals all over the city.

- Sounds like it's been a pretty busy night for Houston PD.

LIEUTENANT PAVEL: Yes, tonight has been busy. We had quite a few shootings, three different places. So it has been a busy night tonight.