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Snow Tracks

Santa comes all the way from the North Pole to your house every year, so leave a little piece of the North Pole behind! Whether you use water or fake snow, make some footprints by the Christmas tree as evidence that Santa visited your house during the night.

5 Things Santa Can Leave For Your Kids on Christmas Eve (Besides Presents)

We're all familiar with the tradition of leaving a treat for Santa on Christmas Eve. Milk, cookies, letters, and even something special for his reindeer are all popular options steeped in tradition. But maybe less commonly known is the tradition for Santa to leave a little something in return - aside from the presents under the tree, of course! Leaving a little surprise for your kids from Santa is a great way to bring even more magic to Christmas morning. From snow tracks in the house to a thoughtful letter about how he's been so impressed with your kids' good behavior all year, keep reading for some of our favorite ideas that your little ones will love.


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