5 ways to make bath time a blast for kids

here are 5 ways to make bath time a blast. 1. Bath Bomb Hack. This bath time hack is a fun way to involve kids in their nighttime routine by letting them select a favorite bath bomb to place in the tub. 2. Glow Stick Bath Time Rave . Turn the bathtub into a kid-friendly nightclub! Decorate the bathtub and surrounding area with an assortment of colorful glow sticks. 3. DIY Bath Crayons. Make your own bath crayons with only 2 ingredients! Using a grater, shave any leftover soap into a bowl, then add your choice of crayons. 4. Numberblock Bath Buddies. Who says bath time can’t be fun and educational? During bathtime, have your child search for each stack’s matching number. 5. Easter Egg Letter Hunt. Combine playtime, bath time, and lesson time all in one tub

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