50 Childhood Things That Xennials Experienced In The '80s That They'll Never Forget

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1.The confusion over there being two cartoons called Ghostbusters:

The Real Ghostbusters
Columbia Pictures / ©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection, Filmation Associates / Filmation Associates/courtesy Everett Collection

2.The jingle for My Buddy and Kid Sister:

Screenshot of My Buddy and Kid Sister dolls
Jeremy Noel/ youtube.com

3.And the "...and growing" part of the jingle for Flintstones Vitamins:

Screenshot of Flintstones Vitamin commercial
MusicLuvr76/ youtube.com

4.That you can't think about Family Ties without hearing "Sha-la-la-la" in your head:


5.The absolute disappointment you felt anytime you made shaved ice with the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker and only ended up with a slushy mess:

Shot of Snoopy Sno-Cones maker

6.The absolute struggle it was to get your Popple back into its ball shape:

Pink Popple

7.The absolute joy you got watching Muppet Babies (even if it was just a rerun):

Muppet Babies playing image
Hensonassociates / ©HensonAssociates/Courtesy Everett Collection

8.And the bliss you got at just hearing the theme song for it:

9.Yet always wondering what the hell Nanny looked like:

Screenshot of Nanny's green striped socks
Henson/ Disney

10.How the illustrations from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark were actually more frighting than the stories:

Cover for Scary Stories to tell in the dark
Harper Collins

11.That every kid owned these rainbow flip-flops — that were also super painful, since the nylon on the straps would rub against your toes:

Rainbow flip-flops

12.Just how uncomfortable it was to see out of and walk in these costumes — but you wanted one, no matter what:

Jem plastic Halloween costume

13.How cars came with metal ashtrays on the door and you were always compelled to play with it (by opening and shutting it fast) whenever you sat next to one:

Blue '70s car door interior with metal ash tray

14.And how they also came with metal seat buckles and you had a 90% chance of burning yourself with it on a hot day:

Metal GM seat buckles

15.Wanting a Clapper because of the commercial (truly the smarthome appliance of its time):

1980s Clapper box

16.The F.H.E. logo that appeared before a whole bunch of your favorite VHS tapes:

FHE yellow logo

17.That nobody could convince you that Kenner's Family Tree House wasn't part of the Fisher-Price's Little People collection:

Tree house play set

18.How you knew better than to remove the stickers from your Garbage Pail Kids cards:

Collection Garbage Pail Kids cards

19.How everyone's grandma owned this one Fisher-Price play set:

Fisher-Price Parking Ramp play set

20.How you would hold the gun directly in front of the TV screen whenever you played Duck Hunt:

Nintendo Gun up close to TV to shot duck
Smash Time!/ youtube.com

21.The sheer stress of ripping off the sides of dot matrix paper:

Dot matrix paper

22.That just looking at the cover of a Mead Académie Sketch Pad inspired you to want to draw:

Sketch pad featuring a sketch of a hand holding a pencil on the cover

23.How you knew when exactly to close your eyes during the "Large Marge" scene in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure:

Warner Bros.

24.And how you would immediately switch the channel whenever Time Life's creepy AF Mysteries of the Unknown commercial came on:

25.Just how much more satisfying it was to drink out of Welch's jelly jar glasses:

Two Snoopy glasses

26.That there was no worse TV commercial character than the bitchy Tootsie Roll Pop owl:

Owl eating Tootsie Roll Pop
Tootsie Roll Pop

27.That the Officer Big Mac climb-in jail at McDonald's always smelled like feet:

28.That these cups at Pizza Hut always left a little lingering plasticky flavor to whatever you were drinking:

Red plastic pizza parlor cups

29.That watching Square One was primarily just for "Mathnet":

Screenshot of Mathnet
PBS/ Game Show Retro/youtube.com

30.The smell of Hawaiian pizza — 'cause it was served at EVERY birthday party 😔:

Pizza with pineapple and ham on it
Gancino / Getty Images

31.That even though they were brother and sister, you still shipped He-Man and She-Ra:

He-Man and She-Ra standing next to each other
Group W/ Everett Collection

32.The fact that you at least once put your fingers together like Evie on Out of This World to see if you could freeze time:


33.That there was no such thing as owning too many Smurf PVC figures:

A bunch of Smurfs figures

34.Just how dangerous it was to go down a hill in Roller Racers:

Photo of Roller Racer

35.And how you had to be careful not to wreck your ankle while jumping on a Pogo Ball:

Photo of Pogo Ball

36.That it wasn't a trip to Burger King until you got your crown:

1980s Burger King paper crowns

37.How Disney's The Black Cauldron...


38....and Return to Oz were true horror movies:


39.How you would save the plastic baskets strawberries came in so you could make Easter baskets in school:

Plastic green berry boxes

40.The spoon trick you would use to open Quik (that came in a metal tin):

Strawberry Quik tin

41.That the characters from the Sweet Pickles books were all messy and just a bit too relatable:

Collection of Sweet Pickles books

42.That there will always be three Cinnamon Toast Crunch bakers:

Three cartoon bakers smiling at kids as they eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch
platypuscomixII/ youtube.com

43.That 75% of the fun of playing with Colorforms was sniffing them:

Smurfs Colorforms

44.That you believed the urban legend that there was a ghost boy in Three Men and a Baby:

A cardboard cut of Ted Danson hides in the background of scene

45.The logo for DIC with the kid's voice that pronounced it "Deeek":


46.How heavy these flashlights were because of the ton of huge batteries inside of them:

There large plastic flashlights

47.How you were always careful not to scratch your scratch 'n' sniff stickers too much, so you wouldn't waste the smell:

Collection of scratch 'n stickers

48.The fact that you found Alf both funny and completely terrifying:

Photo of Alf pointing
Alien Productions / Alien Productions / Courtesy: Everett Collection

49.That there was no better cartoon theme song than the one to DuckTales:

50.And lastly, how 35 years later, you're still traumatized by that episode of Punky Brewster where Cherie almost died after being locked in the abandoned fridge:

Cherie being discovered passed out in an old fridge in the backyard
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