50 Kim Kardashian Tweets From 10 Years Ago That Seem Like They're From Another Dimension

From about 2009 to early 2012, Kim Kardashian would tweet the most random shit.

Kim Kardashian holding a newspaper
Jeff Gentner / Getty Images

We're talking every little stream of consciousness, and honestly, I miss this kind of internet!

The Kardashians in a garden
Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

So, because Kim is one of the only celebrities who hasn't wiped her socials, these tweets live on. Here are 50 of my favorites...

Kim Kardashian holding a hot dog
Isaac Brekken / WireImage / Getty Images

1.This tweet about a smoking baby:

2.This tweet about her pickle revelation:

3.This tweet about Kris Humphries:

4.This tweet about a random woman at a hotel:

5.This tweet about Nicole Richie reminding Kim of her jeep:

6.This tweet about her foot falling asleep:

7.This tweet about her being able to smell cavities:

8.This other tweet about her smelling cavities:

9.And this other tweet about her smelling cavities:

10.This tweet about American accents:

11.This tweet about Germany:

12.This inspirational tweet:

13.This tweet about her fear of actually liking olives:

14.This tweet about buttons:

15.This tweet about peanuts:

16.This tweet about her blowdrying all of her jewelry:

17.This tweet about her "humpkin":

18.This tweet about fairy tales:

19.This tweet about starting a Bible study group:

20.This tweet about surfing:

21.This other tweet about surfing:

22.This tweet about gay bar time:

23.This tweet about leaving plastic bottles in cars:

24.This tweet about SMH:

25.This tweet about being naked right now:

26.This tweet where we we found out her love for seet potatoe:

27.This tweet about her tooth falling out:

28.This tweet about her watching the Discovery Channel:

29.This tweet about Wi-Fi on airplanes:

30.This other tweet about Wi-Fi on airplanes:

31.This tweet about her threatening to order Rosetta Stone:

32.This tweet about her angry grandma:

33.This tweet about doctors:

34.This tweet about dental care:

35.This tweet about dinosaurs:

36.This tweet about Black Friday sucking:

37.This tweet about quotes:

38.This tweet with a quote she loves:

39.This tweet about Khloé's soft tongue:

40.This tweet about her going to Walmart:

41.This tweet about Fergie calling her the brunette Marilyn Monroe:

42.This tweet about her watching Maury:

43.This tweet about her Blackberry:

44.This tweet of her talking about iPhones:

45.This tweet about legendary vocalist Celine Dion:

46.This tweet about her nickname "Kimbo":

47.This tweet about identical twins:

48.This tweet about her watching TCAP:

49.This Olive Juice tweet:

50.And last but not least...