50 Screenshots Of Absolutely Unhinged Messages On Dating Apps That Make Me Very Glad I'm Single In 2022

Somehow, 2022 is almost over — and dating has been, well, interesting. All year long, people have been sharing some of the wildest messages they've received on the apps.

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So, from Tinder to Bumble, here are some of the most unexpected and unhinged messages people have received on dating apps this year:

1. This Tinder match who wants a free breakfast from a complete stranger they just matched with:

2.This cheating husband who's looking to "play in secret":

"Men like you disgust me."
u/throwaway789663 / Via reddit.com

3.This stranger who decided to start a convo at 3 a.m. and then got mad when there wasn't an immediate response:

"You wanna be the 30th one that I unmatch because you can't speak"
u/kiddfromdiscord / Via reddit.com

4. This match who doesn't understand how conversations work:

5.This very condescending human being:

"are you normally this argumentative and condescending?"
u/RLAGUSWL / Via reddit.com

6. This unexpected reason this match missed their date:

7. This Hinge match who got upset after their invisible question wasn't answered:

8.This very straightforward opener:

Screen shot of a message saying, "I really feel bad for you I do because your absolutely hideous"
u/reborndiajack / Via reddit.com

9.This pickup line that didn't go over well:

"Oh okay..."
u/Away-Training-3037 / Via reddit.com
"cya sunshine"
u/Away-Training-3037 / Via reddit.com

10. This match who may not be all that interested in basketball:

11.This match who will NOT tolerate any Taylor Swift jokes:

"i only matched with you to tell you that people like you who think they're so funny but they're actually just super cringe ruin my day just by existing"
u/basedposeidon77 / Via reddit.com

12.This guy who thinks people can't have friends who are single:

"I am just helping a friend who's out of state."
u/DueSomewhere8488 / Via reddit.com
"I just wish you respected me to tell me Left on read. I know what that means!"
u/DueSomewhere8488 / Via reddit.com

13.This match who doesn't want to be bothered:

Messages with someone saying, "Google it"
u/jack_sparrowe / Via reddit.com

14.This awful, awful gym bro:

u/jetttblack / Via reddit.com

15. This person's "list of interesting things about me" that has more red flags than I've ever seen in one sitting:

16.This person who just wants a chill hangout — even if their match is about to go to a funeral:

"We can just make out. It would be so chill."
u/MissSammich / Via reddit.com

17.This mispronunciation mishap:

Screen shot of a message ending in "fucking idiot"
u/howiejriii / Via reddit.com

18.This bro who thinks women shouldn't use the word "bruh":

"Lol okay"
u/guineapig5442 / Via reddit.com

19. This match, who I don't think wants to continue the conversation TBH:

20.This match who swiped right just to let this person know they don't like them...and the reply:

Someone who swiped on someone just to say they're not attractive enough
u/Scrubakistan / Via reddit.com

21. This not-so-friendly Hinge match who decided to come back 10 months later:

22.This match, who I think really hated this pickup line:

"All over myself and my car"
u/DrBaye / Via reddit.com

23.This Powerpuff Girls reference:

Screenshot of a text exchange with a "Powerpuff Girls" reference
u/poonieLord / Via reddit.com

24. This "nice guy" who turned not-so-nice reeaal fast:

25.This match who was honest about being on Tinder to literally just get back at their ex:

Someone messaging someone else to hook up and get back at their ex
u/Snakey03 / Via reddit.com

26. This person who might be a little paranoid:

27.This randomly rude opener:

"How are you 23 but have photos like you're 46"
u/Sunflowervolume / Via reddit.com

28.This Tinder match who asked for this person's number after repeatedly insulting them:

"And I'm not just coding lol what"
u/NobodyKnowsThisOne2 / Via reddit.com
"Someones a lil bit sensitive got quite a bit of toxic masculinity"
u/NobodyKnowsThisOne2 / Via reddit.com
"tinders not my priority all day every day you know"
u/NobodyKnowsThisOne2 / Via reddit.com
"good luck for exams"
u/NobodyKnowsThisOne2 / Via reddit.com
"How's the prep?"

29.This short king who unfortunately didn't make the cut:

"6'1 is optimal height. I am perfect."
u/BrickRaider / Via reddit.com

30. This married guy who decided to be so "random" and join Bumble:

31.This insult that backfired:

A girl comparing a guy to a dog through text
u/hastler17 / Via reddit.com

32. This Tinder match who doesn't date Android users:

33.This Patrick Bateman catfish:

A girl telling a guy he looks like Christian Bale
u/boss123uk / Via reddit.com

34. This stranger who expected more from a fellow stranger:

35.This alpha who has nothing to prove:

"I'm a monogamous man. I like strong women, women who know what they want. I'm an alpha so that means I have nothing to prove. It's the beta men with things to prove."
u/realcesspoolofshit / Via reddit.com

36.This business owner who's tired of "stupid questions":

Screen shot of message ending in, "So you love your job, got it"
u/Johnwesleya / Via reddit.com

37. This person who basically said TLDR:

38.This match who had some sort of important ~truth~ to share:

Screen shot of message ending in, "...are you willing to hear the truth without getting offended?"
u/Regular-Fruit-8974 / Via reddit.com

39. This message that really took an unexpected turn:

40.This unsolicited profile rating:

Screen shot of message ending in, "didn't ask for a profile rating, but thanks"
u/burk1to / Via reddit.com

41.This Hinge match who "accidentally" gave out the wrong number:

Screenshot of a text exchange
u/sephiralenden / Via reddit.com

42.This Tinder match who started a conversation just to let it be known that they're unavailable:

Screen shot of a Tinder exchange where a person says, "Yeah I have a date"
u/GingerSnap1021 / Via reddit.com
Screen shot of messages ending in, "Honestly you should talk to someone else this is my 4th date with this guy and I like him"
u/GingerSnap1021 / Via reddit.com

43. This Bumble match who decided to change the conversation topic:

44.This anti-masker who had to match with someone just to send them this message:

Screen shot of message ending in, "I keep the diaper on my face so I don't accidentally ingest any of the bullshit you just tried to spout."
u/bhugstrees / Via reddit.com

45. This Bumble match who started off well, but...

46.This person who was done after the first exchange:

Message exchange ending in, "I am curious to know what and deeply understand what is occupying your time as we speak"
u/dirtbandit101 / Via reddit.com

47. This flirty compliment that led to all this:

48.This pickup line that simply didn't work:

Message exchange ending in, "thank god"
u/delano0408 / Via reddit.com

49. This person who doesn't understand how jobs work:

50. And finally, this person on a *dating app* who doesn't like dates or meeting people:

H/T: r/Tinder and r/Bumble

Wow. What's the weirdest or most shocking message you've ever received on a dating app? Let us know in the comments below!

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