First bus carrying migrant girls from border arrives in Houston

Community and faith leaders are working together to house 500 or more migrant girls at a holding facility in north Houston.

Video Transcript

- Now the growing crisis at the border. Any minute now, 500 migrant girls who cross the border could arrive in Houston. We have learned new information overnight about the plans to house them right here in Houston, not far from Bush Airport. Our reporter TJ Parker live, now, with the latest. TJ.

TJ PARKER: Yeah, we're waiting for those possibly 500 migrant girls to show up at this facility here on Air Center Boulevard in North Houston sometime today possibly. Community and faith leaders are working together to house the children here. The facility will have 500 beds. The White House, though, has not said if the facility will be temporary or long term. There are two categories.

New numbers show the Border Patrol is on track to encounter more than two million people before September this year. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee toured this facility. She traveled to El Paso last month.

SHEILA JACKSON LEE: I spoke to a child who had been in the desert for 12 days. Every child that I spoke to, these were girls and they were under 14, had crossed the Rio Grande at night. Every one of them had had that frightening experience.

TJ PARKER: There are 10 migrant housing facilities across the country, 9 here in Texas; 1 in San Diego, California. There is no timeline today on when those children will arrive at this facility. We're live in North Houston. I'm TJ Parker, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.